2022-11-04 02:30
A very special initiative will give the Suzuki squad a boost as they face their final race in Valencia this weekend.

Adorning the walls of the pit box are hundreds of messages ranging from simple a ‘thank you’ to poetic descriptions about the important part the team has played in the life of the writer. These ‘love letters’ were sent in by Suzuki supporters from around the world, and in fact they are just snapshot of the thousands of lovely messages that were sent following a call out on Team Suzuki Ecstar’s social media channels.

At first glance, the walls have a graffiti effect, but the reader is immediately drawn in by the variety and sincerity of the written words. Among the loyal fans there some familiar names in the mix; the pit box’s own incumbents, Alex Rins and Joan Mir in turn penned: “A family” and “World Champions in all aspects: motorcycle, human, and technical. You gave me everything to achieve my dream."

MotoGP series promoters Dorna left a heartfelt note with: “Your story inspires so many different people in so many different ways! You’ve made our sport a better place.” While key sponsor Monster Energy declared: “CHAMPIONS”

These glorious love letters lifted the spirits of the team as soon as they were unboxed on Wednesday morning, and they will remain displayed in the pit box, next to the riders, from Friday through to the final flag on Sunday.

Alex Rins:

“Goosebumps! It’s hard to find another way to describe the feeling when you read all these messages. We feel very emotional, but also very supported. I had to add my own message, which was ‘A FAMILY,’ because everyone in this team has been like a family member to me and I’m so grateful for our time together.”

Joan Mir:

“We’ve always felt that we have really great fans, they are another level of support and really special. This nice initiative from the team really shows how kind and loyal our supporters are, and their cheers have been such a nice part of being a Suzuki rider. These messages will give me extra motivation during this final race weekend.”

Livio Suppo:

“Our marketing team have nurtured a really nice relationship with our fans for a long time. I know that there have been many initiatives over the years, and this last one brings the fans by our sides for the final time. We feel proud and grateful that we have inspired so much support, and we’d like to thank everyone who sent messages.”

Source: Team Suzuki Press Office

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