Correos Prepago Yamaha VR46 Master Camp Debut at Portuguese GP

2023-03-27 03:21
Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. and VR46 are delighted to announce that the former ’Yamaha VR46 Master Camp Team‘ underwent an upgrade for the 2023 season. Thanks to an agreement between three collaborators – Rêv (an international fintech innovations company), Bnext (one of the first Spanish fintechs), and VR46 – the product Correos Prepago is confirmed as an addition to the team's new official name for their second year in the Moto2 World Championship.

The squad is proud to carry the name Correos Prepago Yamaha VR46 Master Camp and show off their Correos Prepago inspired branding, starting from the first round of the 2023 Moto2 season, held in Portimão, Portugal.

“We are proud to support a team and a sport that aligns well with our commitment to innovation and partnerships as well as the lifestyle preferences of the end customers we serve with products our technology provides. We know Yamaha and VR46's Moto2 team, and their amazing riders will showcase an exciting season for all”, said Bertrand Sosa, President and Co-Founder, Rêv.

Correos Prepago is already a well-known brand in Spain, with the Correos Prepago Card, soon to be available across all Spanish Post locations, being one of the safest, easiest accessible, and most travel-friendly payment cards available. The instantly recognisable yellow and blue colours of the iconic Correos Prepago Card have been applied to Correos Prepago Yamaha VR46 Master Camp‘s new 2023 team gear, the rider‘s leathers, the bike livery, the pit box panels, the bike covers, the umbrellas, the trucks, and more. The refreshed colour scheme gives an extra boost to the team‘s intent to shine brightly on the race tracks again in the upcoming season.

Yamaha and VR46‘s collaborative team, which made their debut in the Moto2 class last year, is fully funded by Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd., while VR46 is in charge of the management of the team. The equipe can also count on the support of Yamaha Motor Europe N.V. and Yamaha Motor Racing Srl.

In 2023, new recruit and former WorldSBK rider Kohta Nozane joins the talented Manuel Gonzalez, who became a household name with motorcycle fans thanks to several top-5 finishes in his Moto2 rookie year. With these two skilled bLU cRU riders in one garage, the Correos Prepago Yamaha VR46 Master Camp team have amped up their level of experience and are excited to commence the new season.

The Correos Prepago Yamaha VR46 Master Camp team are delighted that they can count on its Official Sponsors and Partners throughout their 2023 campaign:

• Correos Prepago:
• Yamaha Racing:
• VR46 Riders Academy:
• Yamalube:
• RCB:
• Akrapovič:
• bLU cRU:
• Master Camp:
• Gilles Tooling:
• ParkinGO:
• Beta:
• CMP:


“Yamaha and VR46‘s Master Camp project is ever developing. It all started with the training weeks held once or twice every year to help nourish upcoming Yamaha talent. Building on this foundation, we have created the CEV Moto3 Junior team that moved up to the CEV Moto2 class in 2019. Then, last year, we started the biggest challenge yet: competing on World Championship level.

“We are proud that the Moto2 team have been able to book solid results and multiple top-5 positions in only its first year, while coaching two rookie riders. The impressive results and professionalism of the team have not gone unnoticed by the fans and media. We are thankful for the warm response and encouragements we have received in 2022. Now, after a successful team debut year, we raise our level of expectations even further.

“We are at the start of a new thrilling chapter. We welcome with open arms a new partner through an agreement with Bnext and Rêv. To receive the trust and support from a large, dependable, and well-respected product brand like Correos Prepago in what is only the team‘s second year in the intermediate class is an honour and also a testament to the team‘s hard work. It serves as an extra boost of confidence and source of motivation for the upcoming season.

“Another change for 2023 is that Kohta Nozane has joined Manuel Gonzalez in the rider line-up. The teammates are both Yamaha bLU cRU talents who rose through various WorldSBK championship classes. They also both have Moto2 experience as well, so the team is keen to aim for high results. We are all excited to watch this team soar to new heights in 2023.”

Source: Yamaha VR46 Master Camp Moto2 Team

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