Points the reward for hard-working Bradl and HRC Test Team

2023-05-11 06:03
Consistency throughout the weekend yielded a pair of points for Stefan Bradl on Sunday. A red flagged race did not fluster the German who made two strong starts to the race to stay with the group ahead. With data collection his primary focus, Bradl kept his cool in the hot conditions as those around him fell and finished 14th. The work continues for Bradl and the Test Team.

Stefan Bradl 6
Rider – MotoGP

“We have done a really good weekend I feel, we have learned a lot and gathered a lot of data. Our expectations were realistic, our target as the Test Team was to do our work, go through our plan and we did exactly that. We didn’t make any mistakes; no crashes and we were able to score some points which is a nice reward. The most important thing was being here, racing, looking at the other Honda riders and also the other competitors. I was able to give a lot of feedback to the HRC engineers on where we are stronger and where we need to keep working to make improvements to be closer to the others. Racing together with these guys is where we are able to learn a lot and helps us with working towards the future. A positive weekend, thank you to my team for all their efforts.”

Source: Honda Racing Corporation

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