July 30, 2004

After speaking with Kawasaki USA I can now confirm that there is a recall in effect for all ZX-10Rs. Please be aware that as KMC is a multi-national, information from your local subsidiary may take longer to reach you than from this website.

Basically there may be a casting flaw in the front wheel of the ZX-10R. It is not detectible by visual inspection.

KMC has not had any reports of failures with the front wheel. They have determined the flaw during their continued testing and development procedure of the ZX-10R.

In an effort to be extremely proactive KMC will replace the front wheel of your motorcycle at no charge to you. In addition to this they ask you NOT to ride your ZX-10R until such a replacement is completed.

As a timeline for USA owners, wheels will be arriving at the US warehouse on August 2nd and will be distributed to dealers on a per bike sold basis.

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