A New Look For Bikeland.org

2004-09-22 23:14

Finally, after years in the making we are slowly transforming the site to incorporate many features which the membership have requested.

On the new frontpage you will find quicklinks to the various forums of Bikeland.org on the left sidebar.

On the right you will find the 5 newest threads posted to the forurms. All of these features are accessable to members who are logged in. Non members must create an account, which is easy to do, and is free.

The center of the new frontpage contains news, updated as there is news that is fit to print...

We also have a new merchandise section where shirts other products can be ordered.

A big improvement is also a sponsors page listing the sites sponsors along with their contact info.

A big thanks to freek for all of his hard work programming and building the site from scratch! Without him none of this would exist!


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