Bikeland continues to grow, and remains dedicated to promoting motorcycling to enthusiasts around the world. We are doing our best to implement changes to keep up with our rapid expansion.

The latest changes include the first step in the reworking of the Main Forums Index to incorporate several new discussion areas on the site.

The Bikeland forum has now been appropriately renamed The Smack House. Several other sections have been added, which include The SPORTBIKE ZONE, The TOURING ZONE, The ATV ZONE and AMAZING ROADS.

Each of these new areas should give members the opportunity to discuss interests more freely.

Each of the new sections is open and fully functional, however we ask for your patience as the graphics and colors need to be finalized and installed. This is a process, which may take several days. You may notice the colors or logos change as we work through the install.

The heavily weighted Kawasaki discussions have now been assigned to their own Kawasaki section in the new main index.

The next phase of expansion will include a switch to our own proprietary software which will have many new features, including a treed directory structure allowing us to break forums down into several levels of detail (interest> focus> brand> model). We look forward to your comments and suggestions...


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