For immediate release:

After a run of 7 successful years, 5 championships, 12 national records, and 102 round wins; the time has come, as it always does for all good things to come to an end.

Except in my case, it is just the beginning.
With the past help of Kawasaki Motors Corp. and its yearly media training courses, this sharply trained PR (Public relations) savvy racer is looking forward to a broader band of opportunities, which lie ahead.

Be it racing or motivational speaking, or commentating in front or behind the camera, I am ready for whatever is thrown my way.

I would first like to thank KMC for the opportunities they have given me over the past 7 years, and all the doors that have been opened.

I was transformed from a young, African American street racer from Philadelphia, to a seasoned professional racer who has being proclaimed by AMA Prostar, the title of being the winningest professional racer in drag racing history.

That is the highest honor, that a rider can be crowned, especially when compared to the greatest legends of drag racing such as Dave Schultz, John Meyers, and Elmer trett, and Larry (Spider Man) McBride.

Being a Factory rider allowed me a wide range of opportunities from visiting pediatric hospitals and schools, to doing stand up comedy in Vegas with Bill Cosby.

I also got a call from Hollywood about doing work in the movie, Biker Boyz, where I got to work with numerous celebrities, like Laurence Fishburne, and Orlando Jones, and the whole cast.

I have been afforded the luxury of doing commercials, print ads, infomercials, testing and even writing for various main stream motorcycle magazines, such as, Cycle World, Motorcyclist, Sport Rider, and currently2 wheel tuner magazine.

Through my high visibility as a successful Kawasaki factory rider I have been fortunate to be able to meet and befriend such Motorcycle racing celebs, as Doug Chandler, Ricky Carmicheal, Jeff Emig, James (Bubba Stewart) Jason Pridmore, Kevin ShwantzMiguel Duhamel, Eric and Ben Bostrom, Tommy, and Nicky Hayden, Keith Code, and Al Ludington.

Racing has gotten me some unrelated opportunities as well, such as the Macyas Passport Fashion fest, a major 2 city fashion show tour which took us from San Francisco, to Los Angeles, where, for the second time in recent months, I got to walk the Red Carpet, with celebrities like, Gabriel Union,Majic Johnson, Liz Taylor, Marion Jones, Mark Ecko,and Jada Pinkett Smith.

I have even got to host Television shows like speedvision, where they trailed me around Daytona allowing me to do Dave Despaines job as he could not make it but told them he had the confidence that I could do the job well.

I cant thank KMC enough for the training, grooming, visibility, and certainly for the trust, respect, and confidence that they have shown in me by allowing me to be myself and prove that I could do a good job at representing such a major corp., in a positive manner.

You see I understand that racing is only 30% of what they paid me to do, the other 70% was to represent and promote their product, and since I really believed in the product it was easy for me to wake up everyday and do my job to the fullest.

The 2004 Diamond Powersports World Finals held in Gainesville, Fla November 5,6,7 will be my last race wearing Green, as I go for my 8th national championship.

To everybody at Kawasaki I say goodbye:
To the world of opportunities ahead:
I say Welcome!
Although I am not sure which way I am going to point my career, I do know that there are plenty of new opportunities out there for a racer who understands how to give a company the most ROI (return on investment) per dollar spent, so I plan on exploring my options as they come, and I surely welcome new challenges.

Rickey Gadson


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