2005 636 and ZX 10R make an early surprise appearance in a Canadian Showroom...

Four samples of the yet to be released 2005 ZX-6R (636) sat in the showroom of a certain Canadian Kawasaki dealership this week giving the general public who happened to walk by a brief and unusual sneak peak at the upcoming model. The press introduction, reported to be taking place somewhere in Spain, is still at least a month away.

A closer look at the undertail, and specifically the seat cowl, raised a few eyebrows. Best not be taking any cash with you if you plan on riding KMC's newest 600 in town. The new 600 wont fit cash! Luckily there's just enough room under the seat to lock your key in there and maybe a credit card or two. Even a plain old US greenback folded in half is still too large to fit, as is the toolkit which has to be tossed to store said ignition key and credit cards or cash. This will most certainly have the aftermarket scratching their heads for an immediate solution.

Other spyshots of this bike can be found in Bikeland's ZX-6R forum located here

The 2005 ZX-10R can be seen sporting its Titanium color scheme and the same sleaker turnsignals found on the new 636.

Another interesting side note is the slightly increased price of the 05 models. The sticker for the 10R (in Canadian dollars) is slightly higher than last year.

Many felt (and rightfully so in our opinion) that the price should drop in line with KMCs US pricing, reflecting the devaluation of the US currency against world markets. In reality the new 2005 models should drop by 15% to match the fall in the US dollar, but instead they have gone up slightly. A small money dig on the part of CKM (KHIs Canadian subsidiary) Lets hope they make it up to the customers by at least including the solo seat cowls this time around!

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