Fox Hill camping is officially SOLD OUT, and any other camping is literally days away from being sold out, as is the ENTIRE EVENT. Laguna staff have been caught completely off-guard with the overwhelming response from motorcyclists.


We are in the process of attempting to get some more of our members in despite Fox Hill being sold
out. We have been told that we have a 24 hour window of opportunity to get a few stragglers in. This may or may not happen but we are trying our hardest and they are having a meeting tomorrow to see what can be done. If you want to camp in the bikeland/labusas area on top of Fox Hill and do not have camping tickets yet, email us your full name, username, email & a telephone number we can call you at tomorrow . DO THIS NOW! You must be prepared to purchase your camping package immediately if we are given the go ahead. This is a potential one day extension and only for us. This is not a maybe type of thing folks. You have to commit. It's now or never.

As described in my conversation with them today, they can't believe it.... "it's like the Pope was coming or something". Expect a total sellout of this event, including General Admission within the next week.

Email your information ASAP to webmaster@bikeland.org and put "FOX HILL RESERVATION" in the subject line.

We are making no guarantees and we are at their mercy. People who havent yet purchased my be SCREWED.

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