Bog crashed, Passed away Sunday

It is with great sadness that I have to post this. I'm not sure if people on this site have heard yet or not, but Bogdan Jozwiak known online as "Bog" or "Bogvmax" (a member of this site as well as many others.. , mostly a lurker here) passed away in a tragic accident on Sunday.

Bog was a hardcore rider. He was the owner and admin of . He is survived by no family other than this riding community and his beloved partner, Julia (known on this site as FlyingBusa )

Bog and Julia were meant for each other. Julia owns the FlyingSwan motorcycle cafe here in Vancouver BC. ( ) PK and I had the fortune of being with them at a partymany years ago when they first began their journey together. It was love at first sight and the two of them have been inseperable ever since.

Together they furthered the sport of motorcycling by organizing events for riders and helped bring the motorcycle community in Vancouver together.

A few seasons ago they purchased matching Hayabusas.

They attended Laguna Seca several times and were present at our own Fox Hill with their matching Hayabusas.

Bog loved his Hayabusa very much. They had planned to set out to Laguna Seca this week.

On Sunday Bog, Julia and a group of other riders were on a road in BC called the Duffy Lake road. It is a mountain road about 60 miles long with some tight twisties and many wide sweepers. It is not a very difficult road to ride, especially for someone of Bog's riding ability. No one knows what happened exactly, but mechanical failure of some sort is suspected.

About 12 miles from a town called Lilloet, Bog went down in a wide 60mph sweeper. Road conditions were excellent as was the weather. Why he crashed is a mystery. He died almost instantly at the scene from head trauma and severe internal injuries. He was wearing full gear. The only sign of impact was on the top of his helmet.

Julia was first on the scene as she was riding behind him and the other riders performed CPR and tried to save him. The ambulance came within 20 mins. (Mountain road). He was officially pronounced dead at the hospital.

Julia had to ride the 180miles back home. She is a very stong lady. I dont know how many of us could have done what she did.

This is terrible news for Julia. Needless to say she is devasted. Plans for the service will be announced, as will some sort of wake or gathering "in about a month" says Julia... once "things have settled down".

Julia told us that before all of this "life was very uncomplicated".

We want everyone who know her, and who knew Bog that we love them and that the community supports them in this time of need.

Here are some links to a few online memorials:

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