A concrete sense of security for today's tough times?


Many frustrated motorcyclists are taking extreme measures to protect their precious bikes... but we have to ask... really... what IS the point of something like this?? Do these expensive anchors REALLY do anything other than provide a false sense of security of the purchaser?

You could buy one of these...

or this...

or the go completely over the top and buy this...

Honestly though... these expensive hunks of iron do little or nothing other than provide the poor purchaser with a lovely Sunday afternoon project, and a reason to kick back a beer or two with the lads. The only person who'll be happy in the long run will be the snake oil salesman who sold it to them in the first place.

Apparently the people who purchase and install items such as the above haven't smashed up much concrete in their lives. If they had, they'd know that the average garage or basement slab isn't more than a couple of inches thick. Now, I've spent many a day, in my earlier years, smashing concrete by hand, and I can assure you that a few solid whacks with a sledge hammer and your through it!

Of course you could whack all day at that tempered-hardened-ubber-anchor you've paid royally for, and never even dent it... So, why bother? Why not simply give the concrete it's anchored to a good solid hit or two and be done with the business? Trundle the bike, anchor and all into the back of a truck and yer off...

Carry these around and you'll have no problem cracking that bike owner's slab...

And all of this is assuming that the thieves arent totally savvy with the latest gadgetry and simply carry around a cordless hammerdrill.... Then you're definetly screwed!

So, the real question in all of this is do you really need to shackle and lock your bike down like it's doing hard time for murder?

You wouldn't leave one of these outside in the "bad part" of town, now would you?

After you'd left it in that "bad part" of town would you anchor it down in the conrete with one these?

Would you? Really?

All in all, it's a losing proposition, isn't it? If someone wants something that you have badly enough, they're going to take it anyways.

You could sleep beside your bike with a loaded gun.

Or you could simply move to a better neighborhood.

And buy a dog.

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