After 600Km of badlands we arrived at the border for Chile just 10Km short of the town of Futaleufu.
Im not normally the type of guy who goes in for the thrill sports scene but Pam was really keen on going river rafting so I thought I would tag along. Surprise Surprise it was a boat load of fun. The only thing I didn't like was that we were told we could jump out of the boat and float down some (only) class 2 rapids in our life jackets! There you go again "Never get off the boat!" After lunch the guide said "if you guys want, we can run the class 5 rapids for $20 bucks more" everyone in our boat said "shit ya!" So there is a lot more to river rafting than floating down the stream.
The next day we cruse back across the border and up ruta 40 to the town of Bariloche. On the way in we caught up to a couple of fellow motorcyclists from Costa Rica. When I say caught up, I mean we almost slammed into the back of them! It was raining and as Pam and I are from rainy Vancouver and had been riding in adverse conditions anyway... we waited for a while and then had to wave and blow by them like they were parked! Wíerd, i guess there is not a lot of rain in Costa Rica.
Bariloche is okay. Very touristy downtown but beautiful views of the lake and mountains surrounding it. Time was running out so we did some laundry, ate some chocolate and the next day headed back across the border (again!!) for the coast of Chile in search of the infamous Kunstmann beer factory!!
Another amazing pass through the Andes. This time I tried to scrub my knobbies right to the edge but only got to within 1/2", cursing my wobbly 46 HP dirt bike the whole way! Man I can't wait to get home and throw a leg over a real bike!
We hit the Pan America highway, and with tongues salivating, fast forwarded to Valdivia to set up one of our few camp outs of the trip. I wasn't sure what Pam was on about until I saw the place, but the Kunstmann factory is what dreams are made of!
It is a huge German beer-garden-type brew pub they have attached to the factory. Dinner was basically a bowl of assorted sausages and smoked pork ribs and 4 liters of beer, 2.5 of which arrived in a "columna", a one-meter tall glass cylinder of beer with its own tap. Don´t worry kids, we weren´t riding our bikes that night. Of course, in our inebriated state, we bought a few souvenirs at the gift shop.
In a continuing theme of zig zagging back and forth across the border we headed out towards Junin de los Andes, back in Argentina. This entails riding aprox. 45 deg. north east through the beautiful lakes district of Chile. We ended up back on ruta 40 agaaaaain...


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