Kawasaki's "Naked" Z750S makes its Stateside Debut

February 27, 2005

(Irvine, California) Kawasaki Motors Corporation debuted the all new Z750S this week, and Bikeland was along for the ride. The Z750S is KMC's latest entry into the US "naked" bike market. The 2005 "S" model originates from its more aggressive European "streetfighter" counterpart, the Z750. Kawasaki took their original 750 and made several changes, including adding a redesigned fairing which incorporates their newly patented "wind curtain" technology (it works!).

A strong engine, easy to read gauges with a large sweeping analogue tach, absolutely flawless fuel injection, sporting suspension and an awesome sounding exhaust make the "S" model an ideal commuter bike that is a pleasure to ride from point A to point B, and even more enjoyable to thrash carving canyon roads on a weekend morning or those days you choose to "call in sick" for work.

A complete review and photos to follow.

Source: www.bikeland.org

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