Doug Meyer Resigns from Muzzys Performance Products, Switches Industries

Doug Meyer has been a fixture in the Motorcycling Industry for decades. It would be safe to say that scores of enthusiasts owe their start and their participation in the Industry to Doug Meyer in some way. This is why it may come as a shock to many that Doug Meyer has not only resigned from Muzzy's Performance Products after a 10 year stint as Rob Muzzy's right hand man, but he is leaving the Motorcycling Industry as well.

Doug had this to say to Bikeland

"I seem to have developed a "life habit" of changing careers or at least jobs every 10 years or so. Lately I've been getting that itch again and it seemed that since January 1st 2005 made it 10 years with Rob it might be an appropriate time to do such a thing. One would think that it would be really stupid to give up what could very well be described as "The Perfect Job", but the truth is, I've been so very lucky having had a series of "perfect jobs", never working so much as just getting paid to do what I love to do anyway.

Muzzys was all of that of course, and I enjoyed my work immensely, but I was feeling that I was a bit limited and sort of "topped out", not really moving forward. Therefore, I resigned about the middle of January, to be effective February 22nd at the close of the Indy trade show. I plan for that show all year and didn't want to leave Rob hanging with no one knowing what to do. Rob appreciated the notice, understood my feelings and wished me luck. Since we are friends and neighbors, we'll remain in touch and I may do some work and test riding "on the side" for him."

Most surprising of all is one of the "real" underlying reasons for Doug's resignation. A man with the "perfect job" in an industry people dream of working in still has a secret passion... in a classic "the grass is always greener" scenario, even people with "perfect jobs" have dreams... and Doug Meyer's is his hobby... flying...

"Most of my friends at Bikeland don't know that I've been a pilot for 37 years, (almost as long as a bike rider) and have been a flight instructor for about 25 years. Last summer I became a factory certified instructor for Lancair, with the ability to train new owners in their aircraft, and they indicated that there would be some part time work for me. The Lancair 400 is just about the most advanced single engine aircraft in the world, all composite, state of the art avionics (and it's the fastest, of course) etc. I heard "through the grapevine" that they were ramping up their marketing department due to a large increase in orders and production. I figured at that point that I ought to send over a resume, that it would be dumb not to. I was pleasantly surprised when they called almost immediately offering me a position in their marketing department. I will be running their "special events" marketing, primarily having a truck (like your average large Nascar race truck) at all the major airshows throughout the US, including the big one at Oshkosh in July and the Reno Air Races in September. I'll be working with customers, potential customers, doing some flight demos, instructing, moving of aircraft coordinating all the off-site marketing. Essentially, my job is the same as it was with Muzzys, except with airplanes instead of motorcycles. "

So, with only a bit of jealousy, we wish Doug Meyer success, enjoying himself flying airplanes for fun everyday. I remember asking Doug a few years back "how I could get his job?"... he told me that "you'd have to kill me". Oh well... if motorcyclist's have luck on their side, Doug will decide that flying is no fun at all as a 9 to 5'er and he'll be back sooner than later... until then....

"It's hard to say which I like more, and it really doesn't matter because I am really just swapping job for hobby and hobby for job. I'm really very excited and can't wait to get into it. I'm headed for Featherlite on Monday to work on the design for the truck. As usual I'm getting paid to do what I love and I'm incredibly lucky to be doing that. The fact is, I'll probably do MORE riding and enjoy my bikes more now that they are a hobby and not a job. I will continue to participate on Bikeland, and you may find that I'll be a bit MORE outspoken. I certainly won't suddenly turn stupid just because I don't work at Muzzys!"


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