Supermoto WCH: 4th Round Melk, Austria

Time practice S2 - Chambon is back
First position in the first, second position in the second free training and in perfect condition,
Boris Chambon made himself the biggest present to his 30th birthday. With a lead of 0.113, he took the fastest time in a fantastic time practice.

1. Chambon, Boris, FRA/KTM, 0:58.170
2. Bolley, Frederic, FRA/Aprilia, 0:58.283
3. Chareyre, Adrien, FRA/HVA, 0:58.548
4. Giraudo, Jerome, FRA/Aprilia, 0:59.002
5. Beltrami, Massimo, ITA/Honda, 0:59.106
6. Jorge, Nestor, SPA/Husaberg, 0:59.127
7. Seel, Eddy, BEL/HVA, 0:59.154
8. Gozzini, Davide, ITA/HVA, 0:59.166
9. Baraccani, Robert, ITA/TM, 0:59.192
10. Verderosa, Max, ITA/Honda, 0:59.309

Time practice S1 - The orange aliens
Nearly the same happened in the open class: Thierry van den Bosch and Bernd Hiemer always finished in the top four positions.
The big bang followed in the time practice where van den Bosch and Hiemer burned top times into the tarmac. By more than five tenth van den Bosch took the first place in front of his teammate Bernd Hiemer.

1. Van den Bosch, Thierry, FRA/KTM, 0:57.182
2. Hiemer, Bernd, GER/KTM, 0:57.696
3. Delepine, Gerald, BEL/HVA, 0:57.833
4. Lazzarini, Ivan, ITA/HVA, 0:57.927
5. Iddon, Christian, GBR/Husaberg, 0:58.157
6. Lecoanet, Fabrice, FRA/Aprilia, 0:58.433
7. Bertrand, Christophe, BEL/KTM, 0:58.632
8. Bidart, Sylvain, FRA/Honda, 0:58.639
9. Bartolini, Valter, ITA/TM, 0:58.749
10. Manzo, Max, ITA/Aprilia, 0:58.772

Source: KTM-Sportmotorcycle AG
Photograph: J. Barte

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