KTM 950 SUPERMOTO - The international Press raves!

The introduction of the brand new KTM 950 SUPERMOTO is a great success. At the presentation in May in Tuscany/Italy, the top model of KTM Supermoto family could convince the international press from the first moment on. After the first test rides everybody agreed on the exceptionally good handling, sporty character and unmatched versatility of the big two-cylinder bike.

The KTM 950 SUPERMOTO raises the whole category to a new level. It targets all current single-cylinder Supermoto riders who are looking for more engine performance, and it offers a alternative for Supersport and Superbike customers.

Best of the commentaries of the Press ...

"Calling it a brilliant motorcycle simply isn't enough. It's much better than that. One day, all bikes will make you feel this good."
AMCN, june 15-28 2005

"KTM aims the new 950 Supermoto across a broad church of potential buyers. It's a bike that demands to be noticed and taken seriously."
Superbike UK, june 2005

"The 950 Supermoto is a real-world sport motorcycle unlike any other. I foresee this V-twin Supermoto becoming KTM's best-selling streetbike right from the day it enters production. It will also be a paradigm for a new generation of sporting motorcycles ... They'll need to if they want to keep pace with KTM - on the street as well as in the dirt."
Motorcyclist, june 2005

"The 950 Supermoto is more than a Sunday morning toy. It's got the legs and comfort to cover big miles... the future is very orange indeed."
Two wheels only, july 2005

Source: KTM-Sportmotorcycle AG
Photo: H. Peuker

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