Live from Fox Hill at MotoGP Laguna Seca

As crowds decend upon Monterey, California and the surrounding areas, American race fans are poised to catch a glimpse of the fastest riders in the world for tomorrow's MotoGP. Spectarors began to trickle in as early as Tuesday. All though DORNA estimated upwards of 150,000 people in attendance, traffic in and out of the track seemed conspicously light ... as many people wondered exactly 'where' the 150,000 people were...

It seems as though they are coming... The entire track, Foxs Hill included , is building to a fevered pitch. Bikeland and Labusas members in attendance have come from as far away as Florida, Windsor and Texas .

Who will win tomorrw's race is anyone's guess, but we will make sure we are one of the first to update you as we watch and report on the race from the Kawasaki suite!

That's all from the Mecca of Motorcycle racing... we're off to drink beer and stand around the camp fire... Why aren't YOU here???

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