Funeral Procession of Riders Pay Tribute to a Friend

A sombre procession of an estimated 700 motorcycles snaked their way towards the Ocean View Funeral Home in British Columbia, Canada as riders from all walks of life joined in a final ride to celebrate the life of their friend, Julia Sit. Julia, who came from an immigrant Chinese family, grew up in a rough part of Vancouver. She learned to open herself to anyone and everyone, and showed grace and respect in accepting people for who they were. She united Vancouver's motorcycle community, often divided by type of motorcycle, or style of riding, into one large family. Today her efforts to bring motorcyclists together were shockingly evident.

From Sportbike riders, Dual Sport and Enduro riders, Cruisers, Customs, Choppers, Harleys and every bike imaginable, all came to bear witness to Julia's life.

Even more amazing was the cross section of culture Julia touched. All boundaries were eliminated in today's ride. From the youngest of riders to senior citizens on two wheels, from firefighters, police officers, tow truck drivers, doctors, lawyers and everything in between.

From outlaw motorcycle gangs to people of all race and origin; black, white, Asian, even Sikh riders (photo right) wearing their Turbans with a religious exemption to Canada's strict helmet law, all came today to bid farewell in a tearful ceremony.

The ride, though only travelling about 12 miles, took well over an hour to complete, snarling city traffic. The line of bikes stretched over 10 city blocks, as far as the eye could see.

During the ceremony, it was announced that Julia's restaurant, "The Flying Swan Motorcycle Cafe" would remain open as a "motorcycle friendly" establishment for a least six months. Riders are asked to return, visit, hang out and eat, or have a coffee, when they "feel comfortable" to do so. All of the staff at Bikeland wishes the Sit family our deepest condolences, and hope that members who can go to the Flying Swan please do, and help keep Julia's dream alive.

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Top Right: Sikh motorcyclists join in funeral procession to pay respects to Julia Sit

Bikes lined up along 4th looking east awaiting procession to begin

Bikes lined up along 4th looking west infront of the Flying Swan

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