Elf Synthetic Motorcycle Oils Now Available Stateside and in Canada

Elf Moto HP 4 ECO is semi-synthetic motorcycle oil made with Elf's own proprietary blend of ester and mineral base stocks.

HP 4 has an extremely wide operating temperature range, with a pour point of - 36C and 10% better cold flow than the SAE 10W specification. HP 4 also has above average anti-oxidization properties, maintaining its viscosity and lubrication quality for the full oil change interval.

Meeting API SG and JASO MA industry standards, HP 4 is specifically designed for the rigors of modern motorcycle engines.

Available in 10w40 or 15w50 grades and 1L or 4L bottles, HP 4 and the rest of the Elf Moto line is available at quality retailers.

Retailers interested in the Elf Moto line should contact Auto-Camping Ltd. At 800 268 4223 or elfmoto@autocamping.ca

Source: Elf Moto Auto-Camping Ltd.

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