Irvine, Calif. (August 11, 2005) - Through independent lab testing conducted on behalf of Kawasaki it was determined that the trace amounts of lead found in the teams fuel supply following the AMA Motocross event at Budds Creek, Md., came from their DOT approved steel gas cans. After careful scrutiny into the type of materials used for the cans, the team discovered that the manufacturer of the cans used a lead based solder to seal the seams and filler neck of the cans. As a result, the lead leeched into the fuel causing it to fail the AMA fuel tests. According to the fuel can manufacturer, all storage cans produced after 2004 no longer contain the lead based solder.

Upon receiving the lab findings, Team Kawasaki replaced their fuel storage and delivery systems. The team will also continue to use the same type of racing fuel produced by VP Racing Fuels and is certain that VP's production processes were not the cause of the contamination.

"We are very pleased to come to the bottom of this," said Mike Fisher, Kawasaki's motocross team manager. "VP Racing Fuels are leaders in the industry and we appreciate their support through this process. We did several tests on the fuel and the new cans and we are confident that the results of our findings have determined the source of the lead contamination."

Source: Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A.

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