Techmount answers the question, "Where the heck do I put this?"

As technology crashes headlong with the motorcycle industry, riders are faced with the problem of how and where to attach the accessories they want to ride with.

Techmount is a family run company that was formed in 1995. Owned by HighGear Specialties, Techmount began by solving the problem of how to attach modern gadgetry to motorcycles with their product, the "Stem Stand." Since its inception, the StemStand and its brand name have set an industry standard that is hard to match. Today, Techmount embraces the StemStand under an umbrella of products used to marry Technology to every kind of motorcycle imaginable.


The latest version of the Techmount incorporates a platform that can be used for mounting radar detectors, GPS or even a video camera (using the pre-drilled mounting holes).

Fitting the Techmount to a motorcycle is a simple task. An online fitment chart on a well laid out website spans hundreds of bikes and is very easy to follow. Many modern bikes have a hollow headstock, and for this type of mount the unit slides into the headstock providing a cushioned friction fit with two rubber o-rings.

Other mounting configurations are available, including handlebar mounts, fairing mounts and control mounts (clutch, brake or reservoir mounts). Pieces from the unit are interchangeable and can be custom ordered with stems of different lengths and finishes. All of this combined with Techmount's articulating arm and platform allows you to easily adjust and place your gear in that "perfect spot".

Techmount provides a refined engineered solution to the issues surrounding mounting equipment to motorcycles of all kinds. For it's high quality, amazing design and simplicity Bikeland gives Techmount two big thumbs up. Techmount; a company created by enthusiasts and run by people who ride and are passionate about the sport. Techmount's gear is a bargain at twice the price, and we mean it!

Techmount can be found online at their website


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