Noonan sets top speed record at Bonneville for non-streamliner

John Noonan became the fastest man on a two-wheeled, conventional motorcycle Wednesday at the historic Bonneville Salt Flats.

Noonan, from Huntington Beach, California, turned a top speed of an amazing 259.393 mph on a 2003 partially streamlined 1,350cc supercharged Suzuki

After several passes ranging from 240 mph to 246 mph, Noonan decided to challenge the FIM World and AMA National records in the measured mile.

His down-course pass was just above 246 mph, and his return pass at 259.393 mph gave him an average of 252.662 mph (406.621 kph, passing the current FIM World record of 337.884 kph set by N. Brisset in 2002). The 259.393 mph is the fasted speed for a sit-on motorcycle in the world.

Per FIM regulations, a return pass must occur within a two-hour time frame. Stopping to catch his breath after his first run, Noonan then proceeded to unleash his historic run.

So far, due to moisture conditions, the streamliner motorcycles have been unable to attempt the crack ultimate top-speed records.

Source: American Motorcyclist Association

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