World Superbike Championship leader Troy Corser heroically charged from the back of the pack to score points after crashing from the lead of today's second World Superbike race at Lausitzring in Germany.

The Team Alstare Suzuki Corona Extra rider had earlier finished on the podium in the opening 24-lapper, which was red-flagged due to rain four laps from the end.

He then led the second race until the second lap when he crashed in turn one. He remounted, fired the bike up and carried on, dead last by a considerable margin. But he put his head down and managed to pick off 15 riders before finishing in 13th place.

Team mate Yukio Kagayama scored fifth and fourth places and closed the points gap to fifth in the championship.

Troy Corser:

"I was happy to take third spot in the first race after the problems with chattering during the race. We had changed our rear tyre on the start line and were running the same as Chris and Nori, but the tyre affected the set-up and along came the chatter. I also ran in a bit hot going into turn one early on and then had to get my rhythm settled again. That little mistake allowed Chris and Nori to pull out a small gap and it was impossible to catch them again, so I settled for third and a podium.

"I really believed another podium or a win was on the cards for race two because I had been enjoying the bike again this weekend. At Assen, we had some problems which were never fully resolved, but here at Lausitz I just felt more comfortable.

"The crash in race two came as a big surprise as I felt I had not done anything different at that turn before. I lost the front and rear together and went down without warning. I cradled the bike as I went down and then picked it up again as soon as I could. The bike fired up first time but the gear lever was a bit bent so I spent some time finding a gear. I couldn't use the clutch - the lever was bent upwards - and one of the bars was crooked. All in all, it handled pretty well really. I know I could've pulled in when I crashed but I just wanted to get back on the track and try and grab some points - and that's what I did."

Yukio Kagayama:

"I am much happier today with my fourth and fifth because I feel that I am getting back into it after a few average races. The results today have given me my confidence back and now I can think about the next two races very positively. My real problem today has been trying to find a good rhythm right from the start of the races. In both races it took me about four or five laps and by then the leaders had gone! If I can get that sorted out, I feel I can be in the leading group instead of chasing them from a distance. I have got four races left and I am determined to get more podiums and maybe some more race wins!"

World Superbike Results:

Race 1: 1 Vermeulen (Aus-Honda), 2 Haga (J-Yamaha), 3 Troy Corser (Aus-Alstare Suzuki Corona Extra), 4 Toseland (GB-Ducati), 5 Yukio Kagayama (J-Alstare Suzuki Corona Extra), 6 Pitt (Aus-Yamaha), 7 Neukirchner (D-Honda), 8 Lanzi (I-Ducati), 9 Abe (J-Yamaha), 10 Bostrom (USA-Honda),

Race 2: 1 Lanzi, Vermeulen, 3 Haga, 4 Yukio Kagayama (J-Alstare Suzuki Corona Extra), 5 Muggeridge (Aus-Honda), 6 Pitt, 7 Neukirchner, 8 Abe, 9 Martin (Aus-Petronas), 10 Chili (I-Honda). 13 Troy Corser (Aus-Alstare Suzuki Corona Extra).

Championship Points: 1 Troy Corser 389, 2 Vermeulen 329, 3 Haga 239, 4 Toseland 215, 5 Laconi 214, 6 Yukio Kagayama 211, 7 Pitt 137, 8 Walker 130, 9 Chili 125, 10 Lanzi 118.


Team Alstare Suzuki Corona Extra rider Javi Fores finished 14th in the 10th round of the Supersport World Championship at the Eurospeedway Lausitzring today and was disappointed with the result.

The race was a two-part affair after it was red-flagged due to rain when 11 laps had been completed. The riders were given a short 'wet practice' but inevitably no further rain fell and the second part of the race took place in dry conditions.

Newly crowned champion Sebastien Charpentier (Honda) had crashed early on in the first race, so could not take in the following 13-lapper. The grid for part two was formed from the finishing order after 10 laps and once again it was the Yamaha duo of Kevin Curtain and Broc Parkes who led the charge. Towards the end, Fabien Foret (Honda) stormed to the front and crossed the line first, but when the times of the two races were aggregated, Curtain was the winner with Parkes second and Foret third.

Fores finished the first leg 14th and the second leg 13th.

Javi Fores - 14th:

"This was a bad weekend and I am not so sorry to leave this place. I didn't make a bad start, but I felt I was pushing right to the limit all the time. Many times I felt that the front was tucking under and it was also not possible to open the gas hard exiting the turns. I used my spare bike in the second race but encountered the same problems. My tyres were finished well before the end of the 13-lap race and it was hard just to keep going at times. I hope for better things at Imola in the next round."

Aggregate Supersport Results: 1 Curtain (Aus-Yamaha), 2 Parkes (Aus-Yamaha), 3 Foret (F-Honda), 4 Fujiwara (J-Honda), 5 Fabrizio (I-Honda), 6 Chambon (F-Honda), 7 Corradi (I-Ducati), 8 Stigefelt (S-Honda), 9 Lauslehto (SF-Honda), 10 Daemen (B-Honda). 14 Javi Fores (E-Alstare Suzuki Corona Extra).

Championship Points: 1 Charpentier 210, 2 Curtain 147, 3 Fujiwara 140, 4 Foret 126, 5 Fabrizio 109, 6 Parkes 89, 7 Chambon 86, 8 Javi Fores (Alstare Suzuki Corona Extra) 60.


Team Alstare Suzuki Corona Extra rider Riccardo Chiarello battled through the pain barrier at the Eurospeedway Lausitzring today and was rewarded with a place on the podium.

Series leader Kenan Sofuoglu (Yamaha) had led the race until the last lap when he made a mistake and ran straight on across the grass instead of through the chicane before the back straight. By the time he recovered he had dropped to sixth place and his place at the front had been taken by team mate Didier Vankeymeulen. Second was Luca Scassa (Yamaha) with Chiarello third.

Riccardo Chiarello - 3rd:

"I am very happy to take a podium today and, although I was a bit lucky, I felt that I deserved it for all the effort I had put in. I was still in pain with my arm and shoulder today, but it wasn't as bad as yesterday. Today the track conditions were very different than before and although I felt I had less grip; my bike seemed to work better. I had a little problem exiting the turns and getting the bike to change direction and also a problem with my face mask. Just before the start of the race I removed my mask because the weather seemed to be good. But in the race, my visor fogged up and I had to lift it a little so that I could see where I was going. But I carried on ok and in the end, luck was on my side."

Superstock 1000 Results: 1 Vankeymeulen (B-Yamaha), 2 Scassa (I-Yamaha), 3 Riccardo Chiarello (I-Alstare Suzuki Corona Extra), 4 Polita (I-Suzuki), 5 Coxhell (Aus-Suzuki), 6 Sofuoglu (Tur-Yamaha).

Championship Points: 1 Sofuoglu 137, 2 Vankeymeulen 127, 3 Coxhell 109, 4 Roccoli 103, 5 Polita 90, 6 Riccardo Chiarello 82.


Spaniard Carmelo Morales won the fourth round of the Suzuki GSX-R European Cup at the Eurospeedway Lausitzring today and now leads the series by five points.

Previous series leader Hudson Kennaugh got the holeshot and led the 24-rider field off the line and into turn one, chased by Dominic Lammert, Morales, David Salom, Xavi Simeon and Ismael Ortega.

On lap three, Morales took over the lead and from then on in, although he was under pressure for the rest of the nine laps, he was never headed taking the chequered flag by less then a tenth of a second ahead of his fellow countryman Salom. Third was Lammert, some four and a half seconds adrift with Kennaugh fourth, Ortega fifth and Weymann sixth.

Said Morales: I am very, very happy for this victory but also because now I am leading the series! The Suzuki worked perfectly this weekend, the tyres were perfect and it has just been a perfect weekend for me. I made a good start and was fourth off the line I think and then I took my time to find my rhythm. The only problem I had was with a bit of front end bumping, but it wasn't too bad. At the end, I found it hard to see the finish line because this place has so much concrete. But I did see the chequered flag and that made me very happy."

Salom said: "I was third at the end of the first lap but I made a little mistake afterwards and went straight on. Fortunately it wasn't a problem and I didn't lose any places. But then I put my head down and got back into the action. At one stage I was catching Carmelo, but in the end he was just about strong enough to hold me off. I have had great fun here. My bike and tyres worked perfectly and I am very happy with the result."

Suzuki GSX-R Cup Results: 1 Carmelo Morales (Spain), 2 David Salom (Spain), 3 Dominic Lammert (Germany), 4 Hudson Kennaugh (South Africa), 5 Ismael Ortega (Spain), 6 Max Weymann (Germany), 7 David Fouloi (France), 8 Thomas Metro (France), 9 Oliver Skatch (Germany), 10 Ron Van Steenbergen (Holland), 11 Mike Edwards (GB), 12 Danilo Dell'Omo (Italy), 13 Rene Mahr (Austria), 14 Joshua Noel Forster (Australia), 15 Xavier Simeon (Belgium). 17 Houston. DNF Barber.

Championship Points (after 4 rounds): 1 Morales 83, 2 Kennaugh 78, 3 Salom 74, 4 Fouloi 41, 5 Ortega 36, 6 Lammert 36, 7 Forster 30, 8 Edwards 27, 9 Simeon 26, 10 Skatch 24. 14 Barber 13. 17 Houston 4.

Source: Team Suzuki Press Office

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