ZX14 Euro-Press Release...

Complete with the photo that's "not the bike"

The new flagship.

From legendary machines like the Z1 and GPZ900R to modern hyper-bikes like the ZZ-R1100, Kawasaki's flagship machines have set the performance standards that others have followed. This tradition continues with the incredible new ZZR1400, a machine which delivers as yet unheard of levels of performance and excitement.

The Aura of Power.

Powered by an all-new engine force-fed with Ram Air and fuel injection, the ZZR1400. churns out unheard of levels of thrust. Yet in spite of the incredible performance of Kawasaki's most powerful power plant ever, careful engine tuning allows almost anyone to enjoy the bike's softer, more rider-friendly side.

Next Generation Aluminium Monocoque Frame.

Impressive as the ZZR's engine performance is, it is the lightweight handling qualities. Never has a "big bike" offered such responsive handling. The secret? Kawasaki's next generation aluminium monocoque frame, that gives the bike both responsive handling qualities and incredible highway stability.

Unmistakable Presence.

As befits its flagship status, the ZZR offers an advanced aerodynamics package and an avant-garde design, including quadruple projector beam headlights . The central Ram Air duct like that of the Ninja supersport bikes gives the ZZR a consistent Kawasaki face.

Excellent Comfort.

Despite its long and low appearance, the ZZR offers a very relaxed sport riding position. Compact without being cramped, the bars are positioned so that riders do not have to stretch to reach them. Low-set footpegs give ample legroom.


The ZZR1400.'s large-diameter petal brake discs, radial-mount front calipers and a radial-mount brake master cylinder offer impressive braking performance and superb feel. The ABS option ensures an added degree of braking reassurance.

Source: Kawasaki Motors Europe N.V.

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