asks KMC for clarification with 2006 models, Confirms end of ZRX line

Many readers have expressed concern and confusion over Kawasaki's 2006 Model year and the direction KHI is taking with their product. Several of you have asked which models are to be included in the 2006 line-up, and which are to be dropped from production, and why these decisions have been made.

Bikeland spoke with Russel Brenan, Kawasaki Motors Corporation Media Supervisor in Irvine, California to get official answers to the following questions on your behalf.

Bikeland: Could you please confirm whether or not KHI is dropping the ZRX from it's line-up?

KMC: The ZRX1200 along with the ZZR1200 and ZX-12R will not be offered in (the) 2006 (model year).

Bikeland: What is KHI's reasoning behind the discontinuation of the ZRX model line?

KMC: Market conditions coupled with consumer and dealer demand; along with production focus on all-new models such as the ZX-14 and Ninja 650R.

Bikeland: Does KHI plan on a replacement for the ZRX anytime soon?

KMC: We cannot comment on the development of any future models at this time.

Bikeland: Why did KMC choose to brand the ZZR-1400 as a ZX-14 for North America? Most Stateside Kawasaki owners associate the ZZR line with touring, and many owners question whether or not the ZX-14 actually fits the understood definitions of the more sporting ZX line-up.

KMC: Kawasaki distributors must market products to their specific regions, as such it has not been uncommon for Kawasaki motorcycles and ATVs to be marketed under a different model name to best suit specific regions, customer tastes and riding conditions. The ZX-14 follows in the tradition of the legendary machines like the Z1 and GPZ900 to modern superbikes like the ZX-11 and Ninja ZX-12R, flagship machines that have set the performance standards that others have followed. Like the other "ZX" motorcycles, the ZX-14 features the class-leading combination of absolute power that Kawasaki is famous for and handling that is equally superb.

Bikeland: Does KHI plan on releasing an "R" model of the ZX-14?

KMC: We can not comment on the development of any future models at this time.


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