Bikeland Confirms Kawasaki's Plans to Release ZX-12R and ZRX1200 in Europe for 2006

In an apparent "about face", KHI has contradicted it's earlier statement with regards to the end of the ZRX and ZX-12R model lines. The rumored change in policy was brought to our attention by readers of this website in the form of an apparent photograph of a 2006 ZX-12R. contacted Russ Brenan, Media Supervisor with Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A. in Irvine, California to ask for clarification with regards to this development.

Bikeland: It appears that Kawasaki Motors Europe intends to offer the ZX-12R in their 2006 model lineup, contrary to what was previously stated by KMC, is this true?

KMC: KMEU, Kawasaki Motors Europe N.V., will be offering a ZX-12R in their markets for model year 2006. The 2006 ZX-12R model will have the same features and specifications as the 2005 model and be offered in Metallic Spark Black.

Bikeland: Can you also now confirm the availability of the ZRX and the ZZR1200 in Europe, or will those models remain discontinued?

KMC: KMC has confirmed that KMEU will also offer a ZRX1200 in their markets for 2006 also. The ZZR-1200 will no longer be available in either the U.S. market or the European Union.

Bikeland: Does KMC now have any plans to include the ZX-12R in it's 06 lineup?

KMC: KMC has announced its complete 2006 model line, including exciting new models like the all-new ZX-10R and ZX-14, there are no plans to offer the ZX-12R for the upcoming model year.

Bikeland: Can you elaborate as to why this model has now been included in the 2006 lineup when before KMC stated it was dropped globally?

KMC: As a distributor of Kawasaki products for the United States (excluding Hawaii, a separate distributor handles distribution for the islands), we only focus on the models we will distribute. For model year 2006, the ZX-12R, ZRX1200 and ZZR-1200 have been discontinued by KHI for our market. The other distributors request models that are best suited for their market place based on dealer and consumer demand, as a result they may choose to offer a product that is not available in the United States or other markets, or as in this case they may offer a model for additional seasons that has been removed from another distributors line.

Bikeland: If KMC is not distributing these models, are these "Euro" versions going to be available in North America through CKM, Canadian Kawasaki Motors?

KMC: CKM, Canadian Kawasaki Motors, will be introducing their 2006 line shortly and as a result Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A. has not yet been made aware if this model will be offered in Canada.

Bikeland has been unable to contact CKM at this time, but was able to contact a Canadian Kawasaki Dealer who did confirm that there were no 1200's available in the order list for CKM product.


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