Total Super Cub Production Reaches 50 Million Units

KUMAMOTO, Japan, February 8, 2006 � Honda Motor Co., Ltd. announced that total worldwide production of the Super Cub reached 50 million units at the end of December 2005. A favorite with customers since its launch in 1958, the Super Cub has become the first motor vehicle to achieve total worldwide production of 50 million units.

The first-generation Super Cub made its debut in Japan in 1958. At a time when 2-stroke engines were the main stream, the Super Cub was fitted with a revolutionary, high-performance 50cc 4-stroke engine that offered superb economy and durability. The creative design also featured a low-floor backbone frame for convenient mounting and dismounting, a lever-free centrifugal clutch for easy shifting, large plastic leg shields to protect riders� legs from dirt and wind, and other innovations. Since then the Super Cub has undergone many improvements, but its basic design and concepts remain unchanged, and it carries on a proud tradition of unique styling.

In 1959 the United States became the first market for Super Cub exports, and in 1961 Taiwan became the first country to assemble the model from imported Japanese parts. Since then, following the policy of building products where the demand is, Honda has expanded Super Cub production to facilities around the world. Currently produced in 13 countries and a popular product in more than 160, the Super Cub is a practical motorcycle that enjoys a strong reputation around the world.

Source: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

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