Bikeland's Princesskiwi Chats with Attack Kawasaki's Ben Attard

Princesskiwi had the chance to talk to Ben Attard of Attack Racing while she was at VIR in August.

Here's what she found out...

Ben admits that he checks the Internet and watches TV the night before a race. He comes across as a fun no nonsense kind guy. The type of person you could have a great time camping with. I had fun talking to him and he made me laugh several times. I really like him, even though he turned down my final photo request.

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PK: What do you do the night before a race?
Ben: Usually I get some dinner. Go back the hotel early and look on the Internet for awhile.

PK: What do you do on the Internet?
Ben: I just look up what happened throughout the day. Check the latest releases on the motorcycle websites. Then put in a DVD, might watch a bit of Seinfeld or something. Just to kick back and relax. Then go to bed.

PK: Do you ever go to Bikeland?
Ben: Bikeland?

Ben: Never heard of it.

PK: That's our Website.
Ben: Oh, You will have to give me a card.

PK: Is there a special race breakfast you have before you come out here?
Ben: No, it just depends on how I feel. If I am nervous I won't eat anything. This morning I had some Corn Flakes. Sort of up and down, have to watch my weight.

PK: What do you think of this track?
Ben: It is the most physical track in America, as you can see. It's definitely a hard track. I would hate to ride a Superbike on it, that's for sure, 28 laps - it would not be fun.
It is a good track. Safe, a lot of grip.

PK: If someone was coming here to do a track day for the first time, what advise would you give to them?
BEN: To be honest if they were coming here on a road bike, the first thing I would tell them to put a good set of Dunlop tires on it. It might seem expensive to put new tires on, but at the end of the day if you get on the road, it is a lot cheaper than putting a new set of bearings in or what not. Dunlop has got some really good tires for street guys. I would do that for sure. Tape up your lights and go for it.

PK: Any tips on this actual course, things to watch out for?
Ben: You have to watch every turn. This track is very technical, probably the most technical track in America. You have to link everything together. If you mess one part up, you mess a whole section up. Out on the bike it is hard to get everything perfect.

PK: What is your favorite color?
Ben: Blue

PK: What is your favorite pizza?
Ben: I don't eat much pizza, BBQ Chicken if I did.

PK:What would you be doing if you weren't racing?
Ben: I am a qualified cabinet maker. So, I guess I would still be putting in Kitchens if I wasn't racing here.

PK:Do you have a lucky charm?
Ben: My undies?

Ben: My undies.

PK: And why are those special?
Ben: I have worn them every race I have had in America. Sounds kind of gross I know, been wearing them a few years now.

PK:What Brand are they?
Ben: Cheap BONDS Orange undies, they look like girls undies. They (he motions to the pit crew listening in) all laugh at them.

I tried really hard to get a photo of Ben's secret lucky charm. But he wouldn't even flash me a bit of waistband. Oh well, sounds like it is a tradition that Ben plans on keeping around for a while. So, Bikeland will have all next year to try to get Ben to flash us a bit of orange. Hopefully his lucky charm keeps him lucky!

Click here to download printable PDF with extras and photos

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