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Technology Providers Merge in Expansion of AMBER Alert Service

The AMBER Alert Web Portal Consortium, a public/private partnership deploying a seamless, state-by-state alert system linking law enforcement and citizens in the common goal to rescue kidnapped children, today announced that Code Amber, the provider of AMBER Alert web-based broadcasting services, will merge efforts with the Consortium. Code Amber's web ticker, deployed on more than 235,000 websites and computer desktops, will be integrated into the AMBER Alert Web Portal to empower states and local law enforcement with the most effective outreach tools that maintain their local control.

"After years of work dedicated to helping save children's lives, we are committed to ensuring the successful expansion of our country's AMBER Alert system," said Bryant Harper, founder of Code Amber. "The AMBER Alert Web Portal Consortium has achieved significant success and we are proud to integrate our technologies into the AMBER Alert Portal service."

Code Amber delivers its XML-based news feed to major media, government and wireless telephone service websites in every state and province in North America. The organization has worked directly with law enforcement and the media to deliver up to 1,200,000 web-based messages per day that communicate critical information about child abductions to the public.

Active today in six states, and expecting to launch soon in many more, the AMBER Alert Web Portal enables law enforcement to activate, update and cancel AMBER Alerts while enhancing the capacities of the current kidnapping alert systems. The Portal enables the real-time communication of detailed data -- including physical descriptions, photographs and biographical information -- to be delivered to cell phones, email, pagers, fax, and other standard communication devices in as quickly as ten minutes after an AMBER Alert has been declared. Through sophisticated geo-specific mapping technology, the Portal is able to distribute AMBER Alerts within the specific geographic region surrounding the kidnapping. This AMBER Alert Portal service, as well as Code Amber, is provided free to state governments and the public through the support of corporate sponsors.

"Code Amber has been on the forefront, working tirelessly, to help ensure the safe recovery of abducted children," said Chris Warner, co-founder of the AMBER Alert Web Portal Consortium. "They share our appreciation of the need for these alerts to be locally controlled by law enforcement and have fully committed to advancing the technology capabilities of the Portal as it attains nationwide coverage. We are very pleased to have Code Amber on board."

About Code Amber, LLC

Founded in 2002, Code Amber reaches approximately 235,000 websites and computer desktops displaying up to 1,200,000 online ticker messages daily. Code Amber delivers its XML-based news feed to major media, government and wireless telephone service websites to every state and province in North America. For more information, visit:

About the AMBER Alert Web Portal Consortium
The AMBER Alert Web Portal Consortium ( is a public/private partnership developed and led by state governments, the National Association of State Chief Information Officers, the law enforcement community, broadcasters, corporate citizens and non-governmental organizations. In the event of a child abduction where serious harm is believed possible, an alert is sent from law enforcement through the Portal to all relevant parties including law enforcement, probation and corrections officers; transportation and border patrol agencies; as well as the media and other partner organizations. The public plays a critical role in the success of the system, signing up to receive AMBER Alerts via cell phones, pagers, fax, email and desktop computers. This public service is provided free of charge to states and their respective law enforcement agencies through the support of corporate citizens and the volunteer efforts of thousands of organizations and individuals nationwide.

For information on the AMBER Alert Web Portal Consortium, please contact David Rosen, Walek & Associates at 212.889.4113 or at

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