And you thought Cannery Row Was Busy! 25th Annual Oyster Run takes over Anacortes, Wa

Some friends of ours convinced us to pay a visit to the small sleepy town of Anacortes, Washington to check out the 25th annual "Oyster Run". The only time we'd ever been to Anacortes was to rent a truck when the one carrying our bikes for our track day at PIR broke down. Anacortes is a small sleepy ocean town at the North West corner of the state of Washington. We had no idea what to expect, and what we found floored us! Officials told us that the town had been overrun by an estimated 20,000 motorcycles with the main street completely shut down. All these years this had been happening right in our back yard, and we had no idea!

Perfect riding temperatures, sun and bright blue skies made this the perfect Sunday to enjoy your motorcycle. With every possible make and model in existence at this rally, you shouldn't worry if you ride a sportbike, a cruiser or a motard, all are welcome. Visit for more information about this event, and mark your calendar for next year. This event easily dwarfs the annual turnout at Laguna Seca's Cannery Row... Now that's a LOT of bikes!

The only downside (for us) was that apparently Canada continues to live up to its reputation of being the Mexico of the North. With about 5000 bikes returning to Canada from the event, the Canadian border guards chose this opportune time to initiate a Union Protest, and shut the gates (literally). Funny, we didn't know (until now) that a Union had the power to shut down the access to an International Border. The border was opened up two hours later after the United States and the Department of Homeland Security stepped in to help out their moronic Northern counterparts.

What an adventure! You couldn't ask for more on a Sunday afternoon!


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