Bikeland's Second Annual Grudgerace Rained Out in Maryland

Bikeland and the's second annual Grudgerace was called off this morning due to heavy rain. The downpour moved in Thursday night and didn't let up all day, leaving racers with nothing to do but hole themselves up in the local Holiday Inn. MIR's Jason Miller canceled the race at approximately 8:00 am Friday morning with a 100% chance of rain in the forecast.

Disappointed members, some of whom had traveled in excess of a thousand miles to compete in the race, spent the day watching the rain come down in buckets. With no end in sight, the event moved to Capt' Billy's Crab House where prizes were awarded to those who made the effort to attend.

Bikeland would like to thank all of its sponsors for their enormous generosity in supporting this grassroots racing event. Bikeland would like to specifically thank Jason Miller and Maryland International Raceway for their assitance, AdCraft of Arkansas their quick turnaround on T-Shirts, and Bikeland's own Entropy and MadMike for all of their dedicated work and their extensive planning over the last year to host this event.

Bikeland would also like to thank the event's sponsors for the fabulous prizes they donated:

Kawasaki Motors Corp, USA
Orient Express
Muzzys Performance Products
Brock's Performance Products
Area P
Roaring Toyz
Elf Motor Oils
Throttle Jockies Racing

All of us at Bikeland understand the large personal, financial and time commitments racers have made to attend this event, so we thank all of you for bringing your bikes (and your families) from so far away to have the opportunity to race with your online community. It was fantastic meeting all of you!

We're positive everyone is looking forward to a much drier Grudgerace 3 in 2007! See you there!


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