Chicks on Bikes Take Over Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Mayor of Las Vegas Declares October 7th "Femmoto Day"

On October 7th and 8th over 330 women riders came from all parts of the country to sunny Las Vegas, Nevada to ride an arsenal of bikes at Femmoto, Sportbike Track Time's exclusive women's only track event. With support from the aftermarket and several of the OEM's, Femmoto offers ladies the almost unheard of opportunity to take a variety of brand new motorcycles out onto the racetrack in a girl-friendly environment.

This year's choice of bikes was larger than previous events; from title sponsor Kawasaki's full sportbike lineup to Ducati and their luscious 999, women had a chance to take these amazing and often frighteningly expensive pieces of machinery out for 20-minute track sessions on the Las Vegas Motor Speedway road course. The OEM's who brought bikes this year were: Kawasaki, Ducati, Aprilia, Buell and Kymco.

The track event wasn't without mishap as a few riders went down with only minor cosmetic damage to the bikes, while earning bragging rights to their friends. "Hey Ma! I crashed a 999 and didn't have to take out a second mortgage to pay for it!"

Representatives from Ducati were ecstatic with the success of the event and the professionalism displayed by the attendees. Ducati told Bikeland, "All we've had is some scratched bodywork on a 999 and a broken mirror on another bike. We're impressed! If this had been a men's event all the bikes would be destroyed and there'd be columns of black smoke rising from the track!"

How true! (And I'd be running to my car before they asked me where they could send me a bill!).

This year Femmoto also featured a dirt riding school presented by Kawasaki Motors Corp (USA). The school gave women the opportunity to get some professional dirt riding experience while being taught by some Kawasaki sponsored Team Green riders including Mercedes Gonzalez Natvig, Charity Okerson and Tania Satchwell. With off road bikes supplied by KMC, ladies had the chance to get some one on one instruction and personal training because of the excellent rider to instructor ratio.

With all the buzz surrounding Femmoto we can only imagine how large this event will be next year. Can Girl Power draw in Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha? Check back next October to find out!

Fellas... if you're gal rides then you know what to buy her for Christmas this year.


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