Merry Christmas from !! 280 + High Res MotoGp Photos!!!

It's Christmas morning... Don't you think you should be spending time with your family, opening presents?

Heck no!

Grab a cup of coffee, make yourself comfortable and browse our gallery of Bikeland's exlusive photos from Laguna Seca and the 2006 MotoGP courtesy Kinney Jones Photography.

(Link at the end of this article!)

Kinney Jones has been responsible for shooting amazing photos for the powersports industry since 1983. Kinney has shot all types of racing including the covers for Cyclenews, Dirtbike, Road Racer X and Racer X magazines. Kinney's also shot for Cycleworld and pretty much ever other industry publication out there.

Bikeland couldn't have a better friend than Kinney Jones. Browse through his hi-res photos and take a glimpse inside his world... What it's like to be a MotoGP photographer. Take note... the ladies sure pay a heck of a lot more attention to you when you're Kinney!

The toughest part for us was to get the photos down to a manageable quantity... Kinney gave us almost 5000 pics to choose from! Imagine having to sort through 5000 magazine cover shots to choose the best of the bunch! Talk about splitting hairs!

We've uploaded over 280 photos to our Online Gallery - link is below, and also located in the toolbar across the top of your screen.

Browse, enjoy and pass them along.

Merry Christmas and thanks to Kinney, and all of our readers for your support!

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PS... take special note of images "bikeland_motogp162" through "bikeland_motogp169" where you can watch a certain OEM rider back it in using "engine management" skills, and another someone take nice trip into the gravel ("bikeland_motogp150" through "bikeland_motogp154")


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