Is it Real, or is it Memorex? Enter the World of the Bizarre: The Chinese Pavilion

The Dealer Expo in Indianapolis, Indiana kicks off its industry only trade show with a sneak preview of the Chinese Pavilion. The Chinese motorcycle manufacturing industry continues to grow as it attempts to penetrate the North American market. A brief tour through the Chinese Pavilion is truly a glimpse into the world of the bizarre... chocked full of Tim Burton-esque motorcycle and ATV models, you can't help but take notice of the collision of styling cues lifted from one brand and stuck together with another. Recognizable facsimiles of fairings, headlights and exhaust systems blend together into a two-wheeled parallel universe that's the powersport's industry's very own version of the Corpse Bride - live!

Can't decide? Do you want a Yamaha or a Kawasaki? Don't fret, buy a Yamasaki.

You race in the AMA Supercross series, don't you.... You're sponsored by some major US companies too... like media giant Goodty? ...

What about paint manufacturer Kyon?

The piece de resistance was when an Asian gentleman stopped me from taking photographs of his booth.

"Stop stop!" he said in a thick Asian accent "why you take picture?? No picture allowed!!"

Now, get this.... He (the man selling the knock-off bike stuff from China) then proceeded to tell us that he was very concerned that people would take pictures of his products to copy them.

Maybe he should be more worried about the guy in the booth next to him!

The forger worried about having his products forged? Is there no honor amongst thieves? Welcome to the Twilight Zone!

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We'll give them this... their price points are really low!


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