VP Racing Releases U4.1

VP Racing Fuels, Inc. announced today it's discontinuing U4, its most popular racing fuel in the powersports market, and replacing it with their new product, "U4.1".

"U4.1 is an updated version of VP's U4 racing fuel, with improvements in several significant areas," said Steve Burns, VP's President and CEO. "Compared to U4, U4.1 offers up to 2% more power -- translating to as much as 8% more power than premium pump gas -- as well as no sticky residue and a less pungent aroma - all for a lower cost. This is a major technological step, considering that since its introduction in early 2004, U4 had become perhaps the most successful racing fuel in the powersports market and VP's fourth best selling fuel overall."

"For its time, U4 was the most technologically advanced fuel on the market for its targ eted applications," Burns continued, "but there are always improvements that can be made. At the time of U4's introduction, the engineering trade-off was a significant gain in horsepower while accepting its propensity to accumulate a gummy residue during storage, requiring fuel tanks to be drained between uses. For competitors, this was a small inconvenience in return for 6% more power than premium pump gas at an economical price."

"The development of U4.1 - a fuel with all the upsides of U4 and none of its downsides - is a real breakthrough and just the latest example of VP's technological leadership," Burns added. "Although not a high octane fuel, U4.1 runs in engines with 10:1 to 12:1 compression with excellent resistance to detonation. Technologically speaking, this is the best fuel we have ever produced."

Like U4, U4.1 is designed for all 4-stroke applications as well as stock 2-strokes. "There's virtually no powersports application that couldn't benefit from this fuel," said Burns. Oxygenated with ethanol, U4.1 is legal for off-road use throughout the U.S. Although U4.1 is illegal for AMA Pro Racing due to its oxygen content, it's still legal for AMA amateur, CCS, WERA, AFM and club level racing. It will retail for $9-11 per gallon, depending on the size of container ordered.

U4.1 will yield faster and more responsive engines without harming carburetors, O-rings or gaskets like some other race fuels will. According to Burns, its power gains compare to VP's best AMA Pro level race fuels for less than half the cost - a comparatively easy, inexpensive way to generate additional power. For example, a new exhaust system wouldn't generate as big a power increase and the increase would be on a smaller slice of the RPM range, while U4.1 produces power gains at all RPM levels.

Over its 32-year history, VP Racing has fueled champions in virtua lly every racing category and class -- from drag racing, road racing and circle track to motocross, off-road and off-shore. VP has earned a reputation for producing high quality racing fuels with superior power and consistency - as illustrated by its sweep of all AMA Pro Racing Championships in Superbike, Supercross, Motocross and Supermoto in 2006.

VP is also the official, spec fuel and/or contingency sponsor of AMA Supercross, AMA Motocross, Prostar AMA, NHRA, SKUSA, Stars of Karting, Rmax Challenge and numerous other sanctioning bodies.

In addition to fuels, VP's product line includes performance chemicals, specialty lubricants, traction compounds and racing-related accessories - each designed to produce the most power and best performance in their respective racing applications.

Source: VP Racing Fuels

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