The WDW 2007 emblem on the Desmosedici of the Ducati MotoGP Team

The IRTA tests at Jerez de la Frontera provided the occasion for the official exposure of the WDW 2007 emblem on the Desmosedici GP7 of the Ducati MotoGP team. It is a significant logo on a significant space of a very special Grand Prix motorcycle.

World Ducati Week 2007, the gathering that every two years attracts tens of thousands of Ducatisti from across the world, takes place from June 28 to July 1 at the Misano World Circuit at Misan Adriatico (Rimini). As tradition demands, the entire Ducati universe will converge on this momentous event, which will, of course, feature Ducati Corse and its riders in a starring role.

"The date chosen for the WDW 2007 unfortunately coincides with the GP at Assen," said Capirossi, who was busy during the MotoGP test at Jerez de la Frontera. "But, as a Ducatista, for no reason would I want to miss this exceptional event. The team has already organized a special flight for me and Casey and, given that the GP in Holland runs on Saturday, we will leave as soon as the race is over and be on the track at Misano by Saturday evening to celebrate the WDW 2007. To reveal this emblem on our bikes means expressing the pride of belonging to a community made of real enthusiasts who make up the great Ducatista family.

Source: Ducati Motor Holding S.p.A

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