Femmoto 2007 wraps up 3 days of Riding in Las Vegas, Nevada

Windy and cold morning air greeted riders in Las Vegas, Nevada at Femmoto - Sportbiketracktime's all women's riding event. The three-day demo wrapped up with ladies coming from across the country and as far away as Canada to sample offerings from and Aprilia, Buell, Ducati, Honda, Harley Davidson, Kawasaki, Kymco and Suzuki.

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The event provided ladies the opportunity to try out bikes in a safe and controlled track environment as well as taking part in escorted street rides. There were only a few minor mishaps, including Bikeland's own PK who sent a CBR1000RR into the dirt. Safety is a major concern for everyone involved and the controlled environment again proved that there's no safer place to take a tumble than on a racetrack wearing proper safety gear.

Kawasaki's dirt school gave women a chance to take beginner and advanced dirt training from champion rider Mercedes Gonzales. Kawasaki was honored for their long term commitment to the event and to their extremely proactive role in promoting women in motorcycling, due largely in part to the positive influence and efforts of Kawasaki's Jan Plessner.

Saturday night's "banquet" instead ended up being a buffet held outside in the chilly desert air. This caught most attendees by surprise. At the banquet several prizes and awards were given out. Our own "cookiemonster" won Bikeland.net's donation of admission to Femmoto 2008.

The real-life game show "Know Your Moto-Mate" saw Bikeland's newlyweds Sagot and Spam being for third in an entertain question and answer session. She want's a KLR 650, doesn't she?

This was the first year that Femmoto allowed men to participate in a capacity other than umbrella-boy, making ATV and street demos available to spouses and significant others.

Other than minor organizational issues, including a surprise $5 entry fee at the gates, the Femmoto event proved to be successful. Working through its growing pains it's clear that this event, which has grown from only 62 attendees a few years ago to over 500 this year, is here to stay.

Femmoto provides a positive environment for women to learn about motorcycling and Bikeland is proud to support this important segment of the market.

Click here to visit our online Gallery with photos from Femmoto 2007!

Source: Bikeland.net

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