Alpinestars GP Tech Gloves - red, size Medium

. By PK

I first got my Alpinestars GP Tech Gloves to test on a two week road trip. I pulled them out of the box and did a good 8 hours riding on my bike, the next day we did a 10 hour ride and so on.

I didn't have any sore spots on my hands or wrists. These were the first gloves that I have tried that have the (patented according to Alpinestars) 3rd and 4th finger sewn together. I thought it might be weird to ride with my fingers sewn together but I actually didn't notice any difference in what my hands were able to do while riding. Alpinestars says this patented technology protects against "finger roll" (that's a nice way to describe your little finger snapping off your hand in a crash) and potential seam bursting during impacts.

Looking at the construction of the gloves - this is a lot of glove for the money. They have Kevlar padding, kangaroo leather and knit Kevlar with Pittards Armor / tan leather sprinkled throughout the glove. The Kevlar stitching on the fingers is sewn on the outside (external stitching). The hard plastic wrist panel was the only part of the glove that was a bit large for me as these gloves are unisex and the inject panel is stiff and hard to conform to a smaller cuff size. I really liked the double wrist closure as I could cinch the wrist down to fit me comfortably and securely.

The available color schemes (black, black + blue, black + red) are nicely designed and the dye did not bleed onto my skin even when I got caught in the rain. In the extreme heat (100+) I never felt as though my hands were any hotter than the rest of my baking body, I was always more concerned with other parts of me that were over heated.

On the track, thankfully these gloves worked as they were designed to perform. After an unexpected slide on the asphalt the Alpinestars GP Tech Gloves (and my hands) survived with no notable damage.

I wish I could say the same for the bike. My leathers have some scuffs and blown seams, and my body suffered a few bruises - my hands? Uninjured after landing like Superman. Accidents can happen at any time - as in my case - when you least expect it.

Always wear proper riding gear and invest in a good set of gloves!

Alpinestars GP Tech Gloves
Colors: Black/Black, Blue/Black, Red/Black
Sizes: S to 3XL
Retail Price: $239.95

(* Editor's note - I also personally own these gloves - in black - bought and paid for with my own money.)


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