It actually works... Meguiar's Quik Detailer

I've always been a big fan of late night TV infomercials.... Some of my favorites are for car wax. I remember watching a commercial about fifteen years ago that had a guy try to burn a hole in a freshly waxed car with a laser beam. My other favorite wax infomercial was for some amazing stuff that wouldn't let water stick to your car. I have to admit that I even mail ordered both (guess I'm a sucker!). The water never sheeted off, and since I don't own a military grade laser, I never did get a chance to try and burn a hole through my paint job. The heavily oxidized finish on our mid 80's Toyota minivan was never restored to its original luster, even with hours of polishing and several different miracle cures, none of which lived up to their claims.

You can guess that I raised an eyebrow in skepticism when I viewed the video on YouTube of a fellow showing off some new Meguiar's product that claimed to repel water and do all sorts of other cool things. Curious to try it out, I made a few calls to Meguiar's and netted box of goodies... Digging through the box, I located the miracle product - "Meguiar's Quik Detailer"... purportedly able to create a polymer barrier that repels water (amongst other things). Feeling like a star in my own infomercial, I sprayed some miracle product all over our 1098. The Ducati buffed out to an immediate and, to be deadly honest, ridiculous shine.

I was impressed, but it's a Ducati and it's easy to be impressed by a shiny Ducati, so I marched over to our Black 2007 ZX-6R and doused the gas tank with the stuff. Same result - the tank turned to an immediate mirror like finish.

I was starting to feel like that guy in the "Ronco" food processor infomercial... Is this stuff really "set it and forget it"? The real test was to come.

I ran inside the house and filled a coffee mug with water. Returning to the driveway I walked out to my black - and unwashed in several months - car. Starting with the obviously filthy hood, I sprayed the miracle product, "Meguiar's Quik Detailer", on half of the hood and following the instructions buffed it to a miraculous, mirror-like finish.

So far so good.

I stood back; coffee cup poised, and poured water all over the hood. Like Moses parting the Red Seas in an epic Hollywood flick, the water scurried away from the Meguiar's treated part of the hood.

My friend Scott, who had come by in time to watch my Meguiar's hood demo, muttered in amazement. Scott (who's a little on the "thrifty" side at times) did the unthinkable... he grabbed the bottle and wanted to know the name of the miracle stuff so he could buy some! I excitedly pulled out the hose and did the entire car, using the Meguiar's motorcycle cleaner (heck... if it can clean the bike, it can clean my car).

I felt good. It's been decades since I was first fascinated by the claims of late night car wax commercials, claims usually made by unknown fly-by night companies. The products never did as well in real life as they did on TV, but here I was decades later with Meguiar's water repelling car wax that actually worked smeared all over my car and my garage full of motorcycles.

I was happy.

The end.

Meguiar's Quik Detailer and their new line of motorcycle specific care products can be found at reputable retailers - not late night infomercials.

Meguiar's Quik Detailer retails for $9.99 and you can find out more about it here...

Find out more about Meguiar's new line of Motorcycle care products here...


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