Tested! SpeedyMoto Hard Candy for your Duc

Bikeland's been quietly testing some hard bits fitted to our nice shiny red Ducati 1098. After about 5000 miles of thrashing we've come to some conclusions we'd like to share, so here's what we've tried out and what you need to know...

SpeedyMoto is the sort of company we love to hook up with - a group of hardcore enthusiasts who make cool stuff, and do it right here in the USA. SpeedyMoto is based just outside of Portland, Oregon where they create and manufacture kit for your Ducati that's so beautiful you might consider it art.

SpeedyMoto only makes Duc parts, and they specialize in machined bits to make your bike nicer than stock. On our 1098 we installed several SpeedyMoto bits, including a new clutch cover & pressure plate, a crank shaft cover, and a set of frame sliders.

The clutch cover, along with the new "Kukri Pro" pressure plate and springs, shaved some weight off our Duc, and at the same time added much needed protection, being machined out of billet aluminum. Though we tested the "10 Spoke" model, the aesthetics of the "Flow" with its unique inner beveling will make any rider drool.

A needed bit of protection - the frame sliders - proved a little scary to install. We opted to try the exposed version, though SpeedyMoto also crafts a "hidden" version of the sliders that live behind the bodywork. The hidden units would protect the frame and engine, but do nothing to save your plastic.

Head to Home Depot

Who'd have thought that the first step in working on a nice new 1098 included a trip to the local Home Depot? Well, to mount the SpeedyMoto frame sliders you need to do just that because one of the steps calls for you to saw holes in your precious baby's plastic.

Once you've gotten over your fear of sawing holes into a Ducati, take lots of time to read the instructions. We were disappointed that Speedy didn't take the time to write model specific instructions. The instructions are a slightly confusing piece of photocopied paper that's been copied over and over and over so it's even harder to read. With some patience and concentration, the sliders do install perfectly, though I do recommend applying masking tape to the painted surface before you saw your hole (to prevent chipping).

Leaning the bike on its side with the sliders installed you can clearly see that they now provide a solid pivot point for your Quack. Hooking up with Speedy at Laguna Seca, we checked out some crashed versions of their hardware, which held up impressively under the worst high speed circumstances.

SpeedyMoto and their products can be found online at SpeedyMoto.com. They also make a precisely machined multipoint socket to remove that pesky rear wheel of yours.

Give them a call... We highly recommend them.

As tested...

Kukri Pro Ducati pressure plate: $224.95
10 Spoke clutch cover: $199.95
Spring caps & stainless clutch springs: $39.95
Star Logo crank shaft cover: $29.95
Frame slider kit: $149.95
1098 Axle tool: $69.95

Source: Bikeland.org

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