Dealer Expo Wraps Up in Indianapolis - Bikeland's Show Picks for 2008

Unless you live in Florida, California or some other State in the deep South, there's a good chance that your bike's frozen solid in a block of ice right about now. That must mean that it's time for the 40th Annual Dealer Expo in Indianapolis, Indiana. The motorcycle industry's equivalent to SEMA or CES, the Dealer Expo is an industry only event and it's the largest motorcycle show in North America.

Packed with products you're going to see in a store near you this riding season, the Dealer Expo is a 3-day event that attracts dealers and manufacturers from all around the world.

Cool new products and custom bikes are everywhere you look, and honestly there are too many to sort through, so here are a few things that caught our eye...

Alpinestars Supertech R boot...

Alpinestars boots are great. The company's cool and their products work. Their new boot sits at the top of the Alpinestars product line and features things like an inner boot with torsion bracing. The new lightweight racing boot will be available in stores near you this Spring.

Kal-Gard Lubricants...

Well, it's hard to say if Kal-Gard's a new product or an old one. If you're younger than older (like us), you've never heard of these guys, but if you've been into bikes forever then you know that Kal-Gard was "it" before the company mysteriously disappeared in the early '90s.

Since then a lot has changed in the world of lubricants. Kal-Gard 's been resurrected by Incotec - who also happens to be one of the world's largest aerospace lubricant companies. Needless to say, the folk at Kal-Gard aren't newcomers to the industry and their background, experience and large presence at this show means a few things.

We bet sooner than later you'll start seeing Kal-Gard in bikes again, and we also bet that a few of the other motorcycle oil companies are starting to look over their shoulders.

Oil wars? Let's get it on!


Well... this isn't a product and you can't buy it - but you CAN get on a plane and go since it's actually open to the public! I bet you could second and third mortgage your house to buy all the cool bikes that get unveiled at the world's largest motorcycle show. Easily engulfing Indy's Dealer Expo, INTERMOT is back on its two-year cycle and will take place this October 8 - 12 in Cologne (Köln), Germany.

If you're a true motorcycling enthusiast, you'll be willing to make the trip regardless of where you live.

This Granddaddy of all motorcycle shows swallowed up over 180,000 attendees last time 'round.

See you there!

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+Venture Heated Clothing...

What's cool about heated clothing? Try this stuff on for size. No filaments or wires in the fabric, just some bizarre hi-tech stuff embedded that gets nice and hot. +Venture even offers a battery-powered version (Look Ma, no wires!). Powered by a tiny cell phone size lithium-ion battery, the fleece jacket they sell will run for 4-6 hours on a charge, no cords needed.

Now if only someone made a cooling vest that worked....

POV.1 Bullet cam...

If you're in the market for a bullet cam, then look no further. After making miniature cams to help out our boys in Iraq, VIO has finally rolled out a complete consumer version of their camera system. Small, compact and military spec, this camera is more than any rider will need to carry with them to record their adventures.

Jardine 50th Anniversary Gold Exhaust Systems...

Anniversary editions of these systems in a gold plated finish may be available to the public when they refine the plating process for mass production. The pipes look great so we hope it works out!

ATK's 28 pound 450'cc Single Cylinder Engine!

What more can we say than 28 pounds! USA's ATK kicks it up a notch with their latest dirt single. Weighing in at a mere 28 pounds (well, probably 30 when you add the correct crank of your choosing), this fuel-injected engine is sure to win races.

We'll take two please!

Bio-Kleen "Bike Magik"...

Michigan's Bio-Kleen is rolling out a line of biodegradable all natural motorcycle cleaning products that promise to clean your motorcycle and do it safely. With 100% of most cities' storm sewer water heading straight into our oceans and rivers untreated -we're sure the fish will thank you!

The Chinese...

Well, they're everywhere and they've invaded the RCA Dome. With more counterfeit stuff than you can shake a stick at, we're not going to give ANY of them the courtesy of a review.

With poisoned dog food, lead painted toys, anti-freeze toothpaste and date-rape aqua-dots headlining 2007 we think consumers and retailers need to start taking a hard look at their purchasing decisions.

Next time you buy something ask where it's made.

Support your local Stateside businesses!


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