Quick Ride! Ducati Hypermotard S - There's More than one way to lose your license

Speeding? Ha - that's boring. Ducati's 2008 Hypermotard S perfects "getting to slow - really fast."

Light, with an upright seating position and packing buckets of torque and acceleration, Ducati's featherweight Hypermotard S proves that there's more than one way to lose your license. Chances are you won't be breaking any speed records on the 'Hyper, but you'll undoubtedly find yourself pulling effortless wheelies and generally behaving extremely irresponsibly on the road.

The Hypermotard's overly responsive throttle, gobs of power, stunning Brembo brakes and arm wrenching low end will have you in the gun sights of your local sheriff as soon as the first mini-van driving soccer mom spots you riding down the street on the back wheel (or maybe the front wheel).

At least you'll be smiling (inside maybe?) when they throw the 'cuff's on you - just try not to get tazed, bro!

Limited by a low top end and an extremely short range courtesy its peanut sized gas tank - about 70 miles per fill up on a good solid thrash - the Hypermotard's 1100 cc old skool air/oil cooled 90' twin is exactly what the doctor ordered if you need to blow off some steam on a nice sunny day.

The only downside we could find with the Hyper was that it's a Ducati (if this makes any sense) The Hypermotard S begs to be thrashed... I mean absolutely utterly and totally flogged. It's got rugged plastic bits and some nice kid proof bar end mirrors with enduro style hand guards, but accidentally toss your nice Red Italian hooligan bike down the pavement when you're riding like a jackass and well, you're on the hook for some Ducati priced replacement kit.

That being said - provided your pocketbook can afford the inevitable cost of gravity catching up with the 'Hyper, or you're one of the few human beings on this planet who's emotionally capable of owing a banged up Duc - then this ride's for you.

The Ducati Hypermotard retails for $11,995 the "S" model for $14,495 and is available at a local Qwack dealer near you.

Source: Bikeland.org

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