Mother Nature Ate My Bikeweek

You could've fired a shotgun in the vendor's area and not hit anyone on Friday as Daytona's world famous Bikeweek draws to a close. Swinging a cat around would only scratch a few Harleys - not hundreds as in years past.

The looming rainclouds didn't help any - neither did the tornado warnings flashing on our TV screen in our hotel room. We even managed to drive right down Main Street in a pickup truck Thursday night unimpeded (for those of you who have been to Bikeweek, you'll understand what this means as a barometer for the event).

Some told us that they felt it was the economy, others told us that vendors were feeling the economic pinch. The OEMs seemed positive.

Regardless, hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts took advantage of demo rides from the OEMs, attended the races and enjoy Daytona.

As I type this, a massive gust of wind has blown over the fence in the parking lot of my hotel - I look out the window and see black clouds swirling in a most unnatural manner. Lightning is flashing through the curtains and the rain is pounding on the glass.

The Supercross is tonight. I have no rain gear - when I left on the plane the forecast was for sun.

If the Tornado materializes, then we'll have even more to write about.

Live from Daytona...


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