Honda 1,2,3 in Daytona Supercross as Reed Stalls out in Last Lap

A Hollywood scriptwriter couldn't have crafted this finish better. After a torturous trudge through lakes of mud, Yamaha's #22 Chad Reed stalled on the final lap, giving the victory to Honda's Kevin Windham with Honda riders Millsaps and Marsack taking second and third. A defeated Reed gave up on kick starting his Yamaha. Visibly upset, Reed left his bike on the track and walked off - straight past the podium celebration - heading directly for his trailer, passing fans along the way, and eventually walked right off the track and to the pits.

With torrential downpours saturating the track from noon onwards, fans that braved the wet were rewarded with battles between mud-coated riders who had to navigate through knee-deep pools of water between jumps. Countless crashes, stuck and stalled motorcycles littered the track.

In fact the riders from both the Lites and Supercross classes were so heavily coated in mud that at most times we couldn't even tell who was winning or losing without the aid of the commentators.

This is a story best told in pictures...

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This race is a must see for any enthusiast... Look for rebroadcasts on SPEED and expect it to be boxed and sold on DVD as a true classic.

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Lites Results: Canard, Vilopoto, Robert Marshall
Main Event Results: Windham, Millsaps and Jacob Marsack


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