Tested! Big Agnes Sleeping Bag System - We think We'll Sleep on it!

The Big Agnes Yampa 40 sleeping bag and the Air Core Pad promises the user that you will "Never roll off your pad again!"

Hang on a second! I thought this was a motorcycle website? Bikeland is always in search of real world equipment that can improve our riding (or touring experience) and when it comes to packing for a bike trip, size and performance matters. Accordingly, PK risks a few nights sleep to find out if this motorcycle sized sleep system delivers as promised.

The Big Agnes

Outdoor gear manufacturer Big Agnes has created a sleeping bag with an outer sleeve that you slide their special air mattress into. The sleeping bag also features a built in pillow pocket holds a fleece or pillow. You can even zip together two Big Agnes Bags with same size zipper. The net effect is a nice warm cocoon with a built in sleeping pad.

This sounded great! I have a difficult time getting comfortable on the hard ground in between the crack of two well-inflated sleeping pads crammed into a tent after a long day's ride, which is somehow where I always end up.

My first impression of the sleeping pad and air mattress was how poorly they packed down with the supplied packaging. In stock form, for a motorcycle enthusiast, this wouldn't work - luckily I had some small compression sacks in my camping gear so I was able to reduce the original "compressed" size in half - about 10" long by 6" in diameter. Now it was small and lightweight enough to pack on any bike.

The pads also come in a variety of lengths so if you are really tight for space you could buy the 48" pad. The best pad to get is the one that is designed to fit into whichever Big Agnes Sleeping Bag fits you. Bags come in small, regular, long and doublewide. Pads start at $34.95 for the 20" X 60" Clearview Air Pad, and $99.95 for the 25"x 78" Insulated Air Core, so no matter what your budget or body size is - you will be able to find a Big Agnes pad and bag to suit you.

The first night that we pitched the tent and camped on our motorcycle camping trip I was miserable. It had been one of those long days when things had been working against us. It was dark and cold by the time I inflated the mattress and inserted it into the sleeve on the backside of the bag and crawled in. I felt the tension of the day leave me. I fell asleep almost right away and slept all the way through the night. With my old setup I would roll off my sleeping mat and wake up cold and sore in the middle of the night. I'd have to reassemble my bed in order to go back to sleep.

The nights I slept in my Big Agnes Yampa Bag with my Air Core Pad in the tent were (surprisingly) better than many of the hotels we stayed in. I even joked after an unsatisfying sleep in an over priced hotel, that we should have saved our money and camped. Of course Fish really couldn't truly appreciate what I was saying because I never let him have a night in my Big Agnes Sleeping Bag.

Once you get your own, you'll never want to share it either and you will always find room on your bike to take it with you.

Don't let the packaging discourage you from making the purchase. You won't regret making the room on your bike for this sleeping bag and pad once you pack it down.

The Big Agnes Yampa 40 retails for $159.95 or 169.95 for the long.

The Big Agnes Air Core Pad retails for $49.95

We recommend you invest in some small compression stuff sacks from REI or your local camping supply store to squish the Big Agnes stuff down to pint sized proportions.

Source: Bikeland.org

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