Windham Charges to Victory in Seattle SX Upset Only 10 Points Between Windham & Reed

Seattle Monster Energy AMA Supercross Quest Field April 26, 7pm and no rain! It was so dry for the normally soggy Pacific Northwest stop of the series that workers had to wet down the track.

Unlike in last year (when James Stewart had already won by the accumulation of points) this year's Championship was still going to be determined by the checkered flag.

The year that many thought would be The Chad Reed's Supercross Show has turned out to be not to be a handout for Chad. Kevin Windham wheelied onto the track 13 points below Chad Reed's first place position. Seattle's Race would see if the points between the two riders could be determine a Champion tonight or if it would be a battle that would continue in Vegas.

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If you have been following the Lites battle between Ryan Dungey and Jason Lawrence, you probably have a favorite. Ryan, being called the "Good Guy" of the Lites class, and Jason saying that he would have already won the Championship if the AMA hadn't put him on probation, in a pre-race interview with SPEED.

The first race of the night was Heat #1 of the Lites Race. Ryan Dungey 28 lead the race from the start with his fastest lap time of 52.8, Brett Metcalfe 123 held second and Justin Brayton 114 took third.

In the second Heat of the Lites race there was a bit more back and forth when it came to the top three spots. Dan Reardon 122 took an early lead followed by Robert Kiniry 45 until the last lap when Jason Lawrence 338 took over the second spot with a 53.313 lap time. Third place went to Austin Stroupe 51.

Supercross Heat #1 was lead for the first 5 laps by David Millsaps 118 until he was passed by Kevin Windham in the sixth lap. Kevin Windham took the first place finish with a lap time of 50.9. David Millsaps came in second. Joshua Grant 20 took third.

Supercross Heat #2 started with Andrew Short 29 in the lead for the first3 laps. Short was passed by Chad Reed 22, who won the heat with a fastest lap time of 51.3. Short finished second. Travis Preston 11 finished third.

The last chance Lites race was won by Kyle Beaton 134, Michael Willard 86 took second and Kyle Cunningham 58 who crashed out earlier in the Lites heat #2 came in third.

The last chance Supercross race was won by Dusty Klatt 63, Christopher Gosselaar 102 came in second and David Vuillemin 12 finished third.

The Lites Main event had a huge crash in the first lap in turn two which tangled up about nine riders. Ryan Dungey 28 on a Suzuki won the race. Jason Lawrence 338 with his Yamaha came in second and won the Championship. Jason Lawrence's teammate Broc Hepler 60 took home third.

The Supercross Main event started with the crowd booing as Chad Reed's name was announced on the start line. The vocal Seattle crowd cheered for underdog Kevin Windham.

Chad Reed 22 went down on the first lap and driving him all the way back to last place. Kevin Windham 14 took the lead until a tuff block cover got tangled in his rear brake and stalled Windham's bike. Kevin pulled the bale cover from his bike's tire and continued on with the race. Four riders were able to pass Kevin Windham including Andrew Short 29. Short held his first place lead until lap eighteen when Kevin Windham 14 passed Andrew. Reed battled his way up to cross the finish line in second. Andrew Short 29 took third. Reed leads by 10 points.

Although Kevin Windham was Seattle's favorite at the beginning of the Main Event, Seattle cheered for Chad Reed racing his way from last to second place. Chad did not win this race but he seemed to have won over a few more Seattle Supercross fans.

Fans who were hoping to see this Championship settled in their hometown will now have to watch what happens next weekend in Las Vegas, probably from the edge of their seats!


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