Reed takes Victory in Las Vegas Monster Energy AMA Supercross

Leading by ten points, all Chad Reed had to do was finish 6th or better to take home the victory. Reed out-rode the odds last week in Seattle, when he fought his way from last place through traffic to finish 2nd behind Kevin Windham's win. The question isn't what it would take for Kevin to win - the fans know Kevin can win races. The real question is, "what would it take for Chad Reed to place below 7th?" As long as Chad stays right side up on his bike he seems to be unstoppable.

A sold out stadium jumped to their feet at the start of the first Lites West Heat. Andrew Stroupe #51 took first place, second Ryan Dungey # 28 and third went to Jason Lawrence #1W.

The East Lites heat was won by Ryan Villopoto # 2. In the last lap Trey Canard #1E passed Matt Goerke to place second, and Matt Goerke #41 took third.

The first Supercross Heat saw red cross the finish line with David Millsaps #118 coming in first and Andrew Short #29 crossing the line behind his Honda teammate in second. Josh Summey #24 Yamaha was third.

The qualifying times placed Kevin Windham and Chad Reed running against each other in the second Supercross Heat. Kevin Windham #14 stayed in front of Chad Reed #22 for the run of the race. Chad Reed came close to contacting Kevin's bike a few times before backing off. Tim Ferry #15 passed Travis Preston #11 for third. When Speed asked Kevin how he felt about winning, Kevin said he was really happy because he just saved money on his car insurance by switching to Geico.

Last Chance Lites (East and West) was won by Justin Brayton #114, second went to Matt Boni #109 with Kyle Cunningham #58 taking third.

The Last Chance Supercross Qualifier was dominated by Josh Hill #40. In the last lap Ryan Clark #39 took second when he passed Jeff Gibson #43 who came in third.

Ryan Dungey #28 won his second Toyota Truck when in the fourteenth lap he passed Ryan Villopoto #2 and won the Lites Race. Trey Canard #1E held third for the entire race. Jason Lawrence #1W finished 9 laps but did not complete the Lites event.

The Supercross Main Event was lead for the first 3 laps by David Millsaps #118. Fans cheered as Kevin Windham #14 passed Millsaps in the fourth lap. Chad Reed #22 shadowed Kevin Windham until the fourteenth lap when he passed Kevin. Reed charged ahead and steadily increased the gap to a seven second lead between the two fan favorites.

Could anything come between Chad Reed and winning Las Vegas?

Everyone in Sam Boyd Stadium was on their feet watching. Some race fans were holding their breath waiting to see if anything, even a Devine intervention could stop Chad Reed. Other fans were on their feet cheering Chad's last well earned victory lap. Andrew Short finished third. David Millsaps had a mishap in the fifth lap and finished the event in fifth place.

On the podium, Chad Reed was presented with the #1 plate for his championship win. 2009 will probably see the same fan polarity for Chad, with half the fans tuning in cheering for Reed to keep his winning streak for a second year and others watching & waiting for Chad to loose it.

In the press conference following the race, Reed told Bikeland that he was now just "an unemployed racer".

When he saw the photo at the beginning of the story he gave us a thumbup - "Dig a hole, mate"!


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