Exclusive Tour! Vance & Hines Race Shop

Aftermarket parts manufacturers comes and go. Some grow and continue to drive the industry, others fade away. It’s rare that we get a behind the scenes look inside what moves our industry forward and when we do what we see is often fascinating, and in the case of Vance & Hines – jaw dropping.

Tucked away in an industrial park in Indianapolis, steps from Force Racing, Andretti and other Motorsports legends - just a stones throw from the legendary Brickyard - is Vance & Hines new 42,000 square foot race facility. Two years in the making, this shop is taking shape before our very eyes.

Independent of Vance & Hines other efforts, the Race Shop in Indianapolis is headed up by industry veteran and former VP of Dynojet, Paul Langley. Paul’s no stranger to motorcycle racing and has focused all of his efforts over the last two years to grow this facility and help drive development in the sport.

According to Paul, the Indy facility is directly responsible for research and development for the race team, as well as bringing this to the street with their “Indy Series” line of products, all manufactured here in this building.

There’s a lot that I can’t write about, and pretty much everything I see I can’t take a picture of. As we walk through the unassuming front office and into the back, we see row on row of CNC machines turning out whole engines, machining engine blocks, porting heads. Bolted to benches in multiple dyno rooms are individual engines being tested. Around the corner are more CNC machines and engines in various states of assembly - in a facility that’s clean enough to be a medical lab, not a motorcycle shop. Through yet another back room we see the team’s race trailers – parked inside the building - easily swallowed up and housed inside this massive facility.

Paul tells us that the focus of this shop is to bring race development to the street. He’s not mincing words and only a fool wouldn’t take this man seriously. As he speaks to us behind him even more CNC machines are churning out finely tuned race components.

In yet another area we find Andrew Hines looking over his pro-stock bike. In the uncomfortable position of being surrounded by even more things we can’t take pictures of or are allowed to describe, we conclude our tour.

Vance & Hines is growing – there is no doubt. From their acquisition of White Brothers to the construction of this race facility, their success in racing and in the motorcycle industry is going to be a direct benefit to you – the consumer.

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Source: Bikeland.org

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