Arai Releases All New Corsair-V for 2009!

In perhaps one of the most awaited new-helmet introductions in years, Arai has announced the successor to its flagship RX-7 Corsair: the Corsair-V. (The company has retired the RX-7 prefix for the new model.)

Arai chose the first-ever Indianapolis MotoGP event to introduce its new baby on Friday, September 12th. Representatives said the Indy GP was selected both because of its significance and because all of the American MotoGP racers wear Arai helmets and the new Corsair-V.

The new model showcases a laundry-list of new and newly-redesigned features, several of which are patented. But what’s most immediately noticeable is the new Corsair-V’s visual similarity to its predecessor. The company says this is because Arai has always favored a more evolutionary approach to helmets, never believing in change for the sake of change or for marketing ‘shock’ value. Quoting president Michio "Mitch" Arai on the subject: "The job of a motorcycle helmet has not changed. So if a design does not help to make a helmet better at doing this job, protecting the rider and giving the rider better fit and comfort, we do not do it. Arai is in the helmet business, not the ‘fad’ or ‘fashion’ business."

Breaking down the new Corsair-V’s features for the Shell, Ventilation, and Interior...


Peripheral Belting (New)
This belt, devised by Arai for its most-recent generation of Formula-1 helmets, extends across the forehead area of the shell above the eye opening. It further enhances the Corsair-V’s structural integrity while still maintaining flexibility, low weight, and shell size. Like its predecessor, the new Corsair-V has Arai’s most-advanced SNC (Structural Net Composite) shell construction.

Wider Eyeport (New)
Here is a real-world example of Arai’s philosophy of interrelated parts (mentioned above). The forehead-shell strengthening of the Peripheral Belt has allowed Arai to introduce a new 10mm-wider eyeport opening (5mm at each side) on the new Corsair-V, thereby further enhancing the rider’s peripheral vision. The fact that this new feature will be most beneficial to racers, the eyeport also underscores the fact that Arai is, at heart, still a "racing" company whose advancements aid all riders.

Series “I" Faceshield (New)
The new wider eyeport required a new, wider faceshield. Called the Series "I" faceshield, it is exclusive to the Corsair-V. The new shield fits even more flush against the shell than the previous Corsair’s. So flush, in fact, that Arai says "It almost looks like a continuation of the shell" and requires two small sliders just in front of the side-pods to keep the shield from contacting the helmet’s upper shell when raised.

AirWing® (New, Patented)
Arai’s exclusive, adjustable new AirWing® is designed to greatly reduce drag, turbulence and buffeting. It provides the rider with unprecedented aerodynamic performance options via five distinct, easily hand-adjustable “attack angles":
1.At race speeds, or a full-tuck position, run the AirWing® in a lower position;
2.Riding Sport or Standard-style bikes, run the AirWing® in one of the middle positions;
3.In an upright riding position, it works best at one of the upper angles.

Outward-Flaring Hyper-Ridge (New design)
The biggest difference between the newest generation of Arai’s Hyper-Ridge feature and its predecessors sticks right out at you: Whereas the previous ridge curved in, this one flares out. This results in a larger opening at the helmet’s bottom, making the helmet easier to get on and off. The company hopes this new outward flare will aid more riders in “choosing the right-size helmet because it’s easier to get on than inward-curving shell bottoms." The Hyper-Ridge reinforcement band circles the bottom of the shell, adding shell strength. This added strength at the bottom of the shell is also said to help in “significantly lowering the helmet’s center of gravity," contributing to a better overall balance and making the helmet rest easier on the rider’s head.

Arai’s Compact Organic Shell Shape (Retained feature)
The new Corsair-V’s shell shape is even more compact and aerodynamic than the Corsair’s.


DF-10 Diffuser (New)
The new generation of Arai diffuser has enhanced air inlets to increase airflow efficiency even better than the original Corsair. It also adds a new second air-intake slot in the middle of the diffuser body to create a higher venturi effect and further increase the venting of stale air faster.
New larger upper vent toggles make operating the vents, even with thick gloves, easier than before. Additionally, the center Top Vent has been re-sculpted to provide more air intake; it too has a larger easier-to-operate toggle.

Side-Vent Exhaust Ports (New design)
These newly-designed vent cowls exhaust heat more efficiently. And because of the way they are now “sculpted" into the new rear-shell shape, they have also been shown in Arai’s extensive testing to work in concert with the AirWing® to greatly add lateral stability at speed. (Arai test riders have reported this benefit is most noticeable on the track when popping back up into the airflow under braking.)

New Brow-Vent Channeling (Modified design)
Arai’s distinctive faceshield Brow Vents now send incoming air to the temple instead of to the face. The new channeling directs air to the ear area missed by many helmet ventilation systems. The airflow over the temple artery reportedly also helps cool the blood flow to the brain area.


Emergency Cheekpad Release System (New)
In answer to the literally thousands of rider inquiries asking whether this groundbreaking Arai safety innovation introduced in Arai’s VX-Pro3 dirt helmet would ever been incorporated into a street helmet, the answer is now “Yes." Arai’s Emergency-Release Cheek Pad System was specifically developed to allow easier access to an injured rider. The cheekpads are designed to slide out easily with the use of integrated pull-tabs, which makes removing the helmet much easier for trained medical technicians. This feature also underscores what Arai thinks is a meaningful “advancement” in helmet design. As Mr. Arai said, “We are in the helmet business, not the fashion business."

Removable/Replaceable Vented Neckroll (New)
The Corsair-V’s neckroll is now removable and replaceable, and adds an additional exhaust vent through its bottom via shallow channels in the EPS liner, adding yet another ventilation outlet for the removal of interior air.

Latest-Generation Dry-Cool® Liner (New design)
Distinguished by its silver-grey color, Arai’s Dry-Cool® liner has repositioned the rear mounting-snaps closer to the liner bottom for a more secure fit, making it exclusive to the Corsair-V.

Source: Arai Americas

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