Ducati Announces New 2009 Monster 1100 and 1100S

Ducati polishes off their Monster series of naked street bikes by bumping up the displacement of the biggest variant to 1100cc while bumping the weight down to 370 lbs. The styling has also received an update similar to what the smaller Monster got last year.

The arrival of the two big-bore Monsters completes the redesign of the iconic model family

Ducati North America is pleased to announce the latest additions to its iconic Monster line of “naked" sport bikes, the Monster 1100 and 1100 S models.

The arrival of the new Monster 1100 and 1100 S models increases the displacement of the redesigned Monster family, which defines the naked motorcycle and has been staking its claim worldwide as the new icon of Italian excellence.

The 'less-is-more' philosophy behind all Monsters underlines Ducati's never-ending pursuit of genuinely compact, high performance motorcycles; but these new models have succeeded in being even more 'pared down' than their predecessors. The Monster 1100 weighs only 371 lbs (369 lbs for the S version), making it by far the lightest bike in its category.

The new Monster 1100 design perfectly balances sports performance, riding pleasure and stunning looks. With its single-sided aluminum swingarm, high-spec componentry, race-oriented chassis and 15 years of evolution, the Monster 1100 now takes its place at the head of the Monster family.

The Monster 1100 S is a pure concentrate of light weight, power, design and exclusivity. The 'S' features fully adjustable 43mm titanium nitride coated Ohlins forks and progressive Ohlins rear shock absorber with adjustable pre-load and return damping. Carbon fiber cam belt covers, silencer guards and front fender reduce weight by a further 2.2 lbs. The distinctive gold five spoke wheels of the Monster 1100 S give it the elegant style and same sporting look as historical Ducati race bikes.

Both versions of the new Monster 1100 come with removable single seat covers and neat micro-bikini fairings; and are powered by the charismatic two-valve 1100cc Desmodromic twin-cylinder engine that boasts 95hp at 7500rpm and an impressive 79.5 lb/ft of torque at 6000rpm.

Color schemes available are:
Monster 1100: Red tank, Red frame & Silver wheels; Silver tank, Red frame & Silver wheels; Gloss black tank, Matte black frame & Silver wheels
Monster 1100 S: Red tank, Red frame & Gold wheels; Pearl White tank, Matte black frame & Gold wheels

The first U.S. appearance for the Monster 1100 will be at the Cycle World International Motorcycle Show in Phoenix Arizona, October 31 - November 2nd.


Source: Ducati

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